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of·?fer | ??-f?rHow to pronounce offer (audio), ?ä-

transitive verb

1a : to present as an act of worship or devotion : sacrifice to a Catholic church where she would offer a candle or so to his recovery— F. M. Ford

b : to utter (something, such as a prayer) in devotion offered up prayers of thanksgiving

2a : to present for acceptance or rejection : tender was offered a job

b : to present in order to satisfy a requirement candidates for degrees may offer French as one of their foreign languages

3a : propose, suggest offer a solution to a problem

b : to declare one's readiness or willingness offered to help me

4a : to try or begin to exert : put up offered stubborn resistance

b : threaten offered to strike him with his cane

5 : to make available : afford The summit offers a panoramic view. especially : to place (merchandise) on sale offers a range of cameras at reasonable prices

6 : to present in performance or exhibition offered a new comedy

7 : to propose as payment : bid offered me $100 for the recliner

intransitive verb

1 : to present something as an act of worship or devotion : sacrifice We are going to offer at the holy shrine.

2 archaic : to make an attempt

3 : to present itself buying land whenever opportunity offered

4 : to make a proposal (as of marriage) He offered to her after a three months' courtship.



1a : a presenting of something for acceptance considering job offers from several firms an offer of marriage

b : an undertaking to do an act or give something on condition that the party to whom the proposal is made do some specified act or make a return promise

2 obsolete : offering

3 : a price named by one proposing to buy : bid

4a : attempt, try

b : an action or movement indicating a purpose or intention

on offer

chiefly British : being offered especially for sale

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Verb I was offered a position at a bank, but I turned it down. The victims were offered money as compensation for their injuries. If I may, I'd like to offer you a bit of advice. One of his neighbors offered to mow his lawn. A woman stopped and offered to help us. We don't need any help, but thank you for offering. They offer their customers a choice between soup or salad. Living in a large city offers a number of advantages. I'd like to offer a couple of comments on the points you've raised. I really don't know enough about it to offer an opinion. Noun After considering several job offers, she accepted a position with a local bank. He turned down an offer to run the company. We decided to hold out for a better offer. “How much do you want for the bike?” “I don't know. Make me an offer.” This special offer is good only while supplies last.

See MoreRecent Examples on the Web: Verb This outdoor area has plenty of space to enjoy any of the food or drinks that Findlay Market has tooffer. —Briana Rice, The Enquirer, "Socially distant patios and rooftops to visit this summer," 31 July 2020Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has tooffer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories. —Jen Juneau,, "Why Ayesha Curry Took Daughter, 8, to a (7-Mile!) Black Lives Matter Protest: 'Not Sugarcoating'," 30 July 2020The denial of business interruption coverage is also hurting bars across the country, many of which haven't been able toofferpick-up or outside dining like restaurants have. —CBS News, "Struggling merchants fight denials of business interruption insurance claims," 29 July 2020Until now, scientists have been able toofferonly partial answers to these questions. —Anna Kuchment, Dallas News, "Exclusive: Researchers are launching a massive study to tell us how prevalent COVID-19 is in North Texas," 10 July 2020And the clever name only begins to sum up the goodness that this online beauty destination has tooffer. —Nykia Spradley, Allure, "The 21 Best Black-Owned Beauty Products From BLK + GRN to Buy Now," 10 July 2020Under the plan, employers will be able tooffergovernment subsidized six-month work placements to young people who are claiming unemployment benefits. —Hanna Ziady, CNN, "UK to spend $38 billion on restaurant discounts and tax breaks as jobs crisis hits," 8 July 2020County officials did not explain why the video did not include video from that camera and have yet toofferan explanation. —Cory Shaffer, cleveland, "Cuyahoga County won’t name any deputy under investigation in protest incident that left Sandusky man without eye," 8 July 2020So did being able toofferoutdoor, café-style seating. —al, "For some restaurants, epidemic brings insight, innovation," 3 July 2020Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Sa’id Abdal-Rahma al Mawla, up from its previousofferof $5 million. —Zachary Halaschak, Washington Examiner, "ISIS releases video calling on supporters to carry out arson attacks in US," 29 July 2020So, if that sounds like a card that fits your spending habits, definitely take a look at the Chase Freedom Unlimited with its new bonusoffer. —Jennifer Yellin, CNN Underscored, "Earn 5% cash back on groceries with this new Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card offer," 29 July 2020By sixth grade, Patterson had her first collegeofferand there was no looking back for a girl that was often literally head and shoulders above the rest. —Jeremy Price, The Indianapolis Star, "IU women's basketball transfer Danielle Patterson poised for leadership role on, off court," 8 July 2020The institute can run up to 5,000 daily tests, with fast turnaround, but the government has shown little interest in itsofferof help. —Rachel Shabi, The New York Review of Books, "The Pro-Privatization Shock Therapy of the UK’s Covid Response," 8 July 2020Harrison was a third-round pick (85th overall), a position with a slot value of $710,000 — the Giants paid three times that amount to keep Harrison from honoring his scholarshipofferat UCLA. —John Shea,, "Giants reportedly sign top draft pick Patrick Bailey: $3.8 million," 1 July 2020And few employers paying $10 an hour or less are willing to make a jobofferand then wait to fill the position while the applicant finds child care. —Lillian Mongeau, USA TODAY, "High-quality daycare is too expensive. Government subsidies are making it worse.," 28 June 2020The 6-foot, 215-pound senior Betts Pauley has offers from South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kansas and UAB. Beauregard 6-5, 260-pound defensive lineman Eston Harris Jr. earned his firstoffer, Texas A&M vying for his services this week. —Dennis Victory, al, "Recruiting roundup: Fairhope athlete picks up Auburn, Tennessee offers, more," 27 June 2020When asked whether Comcast would extend its unlimited dataoffer, a Comcast spokesman demurred. —Mark Hachman, PCWorld, "Data caps on AT&T, Comcast, T-Mobile will return June 30," 26 June 2020

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