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Why choose TYU?

From Owner, Brittany Andrews: There are a growing number of YTTs to choose from, so why do I think you should train with me? First off, I keep my courses small and intimate — between 4-12 people at a time. I believe that in this type of learning situation, each student deserves ample one-on-one attention.

“Do I need to have a certain skill set already, or be able to do _____ pose to qualify for YTT?” This is a question I get a lot, and the answer is NO! Yoga is a personal journey, and I believe that a teacher should be capable of meeting each student where they’re at on this path. Yoga is lifelong learning adventure!

The best thing I believe that I can offer through this course is the confidence and skillset necessary to graduate as a totally qualified, employable teacher. Most YTTs teach you only how to teach their own sequence. I don’t think that’s fair — and it severely limits you as a person and instructor. I want each of my students to develop and grow authentically through this course, so I’m not trying to get them to teach like me — I’m trying to get them to teach like THEM. I will give you the tools and understanding necessary to intelligently and creatively design your own sequences so that you can develop into the very best version of yourself, and feel confident in sharing that with others.

My philosophy is a lighthearted baptism-by-fire — you will be teaching new concepts as you learn them from the second day of class forward. I believe in your ability to learn & apply new concepts, and promise to always cater my teaching to the needs of the class in a loving, compassionate way that stimulates cohesion within the group as well as individual development.


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