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Ruach Day Camp

Welcome to Ruach Day Camp, Brooklyn’s Premier Day Camp! We offer the amenities of a sleep away camp, right here at home. Your children will be in a ruchniyusdik environment while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

Ruach Boys’ Campus boasts two acres of sports fields including basketball, hockey, volleyball and soccer. We have our own outdoor, in-ground, heated pool, water slide and bounce houses, as well as a canteen. Sports Leagues begin from second grade. Baseball is also played in Marine Park, just a few minutes away by bus.

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Machane Penina

Machane Penina is the premier Bais Yaakov day camp in Flatbush. Incorporating activities, specialties, and exciting programs, for preschool and grade school children, Penina is the crown jewel of day camps.

Machane Penina offers outdoor swimming for all ages, arts ‘n’ crafts, baking, sports, dance, many special activities, and of course, fantastic weekly trips, overnights and late nights. The CIT Program, for girls finishing 7th grade, features exclusive activities and outings. The Preschool Program has an outdoor playground, blow up rides and weekly shows.

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