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  • Sashi Sashu

    "it is an amazing experience that I got from this website. I am really happy to join. "

  • Anonymous

    "Incredibly awesome watching some of these animations. I have a an issue to deal with dizziness, and when I read an article about it, one of the recommendations was to perform balance exercises like yoga. I am going to practice it right now."..." more

  • Minahil Siyal

    "I was so tense because I has lost the spelling competition, but when I opened this article and followed these instructions, I felt that I was relaxed. I am feeling so good now because I did yoga. Thanks, this article helped me."..." more

  • Marcie Davis

    "I want to learn yoga, yet don't have time to go someplace to do so. I appreciate this being available to us new yoga folks. I'll be using this page and others to do my yoga, maybe then I'll feel confident to go to a class."..." more

  • Jenny Gohl

    "I love yoga and meditation and have been doing it for years. If you practice yoga, you must do it with the correct breathing technique in order for it to be effective and give your body the much needed pep."..." more

  • Anonymous

    "I was looking for ways to relax, stop blushing and overcome social anxiety. One of the things it said to do was yoga, so I looked at this and then I tried it. It's helped a tremendous amount, thanks!"..." more

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  • Minnie Ray

    "Basics inspiring me to incorporate into hectic lifestyle before stepping it up to a more holistic lifestyle crucial for body and mind. GIF demos in article also help as quick references. Thanks."..." more

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  • Ranganathan V.

    "I have been doing yoga for quite some time now. A few of my friends want me to teach them; I wanted to verify before I venture forward. Hence, seeing this article will be of help to me."..." more

  • Hagar Avidor

    "The easy videos and the fact that it's for my level of ability helped me understand the steps clearly and to know exactly what to do."..." more

  • Lola Monty

    "I've always wanted to do yoga,but I never knew how until now. I think that the video really helped me understand yoga much better!"..." more

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  • Lily Hoefer

    "My mom did it as I was telling her how to. I did some of the poses (and a couple of different ones) but it was great and relaxing."..." more

  • WeiHuan Chen

    "This helped me by having illustrations of how to do some easy yoga postures. I am not flexible and I want to be more flexible."..." more

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  • Jazmine Beveridge

    "I think the way this lady showed me how to do it really helped me be better at yoga. Thank you."

  • Rebecca Anderson

    "I am curious about yoga and this gave me some basic ideas on what goes on in a yoga class. "

  • Aroosha Deylami

    "This was really cool and helpful. Thanks so much. I feel really good now."

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  • Frontell Flakes

    "Everything looks great, and it was easy to begin my journey through yoga."

  • Zara Rasheed

    "Thanks for your support. Please guide us more in the steps of yoga."

  • Neptune Johns

    "This really helped me. I had GCSE's and this helped me stay relaxed."

  • Sruthi Shankar

    "It was simple and very clear, I really liked it ."

  • Harsh Desai

    "I like the way in which you explain very easily."

  • Jabu Mathebula

    "Personally, the results were extremely amazing."

  • Vern Houle

    "Added to interest in yoga for overall health."

  • Kaylee Benson

    "It taught me how to do yoga, so I thank you."

  • Vaishali Alluri

    "This was very helpful to me. Thanks a lot. "

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  • Parker Wulf

    "Thank you for helping me! It helps a lot. "

  • Dua'a Zboun

    "Loved it. Perfect for absolute beginners."

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  • Roxy

    "This is great for beginners, like myself."

  • Aleisia Williams-Morten

    "Great to see someone go into the poses."

  • Sil Rathod

    "It's nice, helping me relax my body!"

  • Vishmi Ranasinghe

    "This article is very useful to me."

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