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Ruach Battle Group LogoRuach Battle Group is the starting point for this ministry as we allow the Lord to send us helpers in the work. I have always intensely disliked the in your face popups and ugly dialog boxes which attempt to browbeat people into subscribing to an email list or whatever.
I won’t do it.

I’m looking for people who are seriously looking for a place to discuss the state of Christian books, especially fiction. We see this as a holy calling to help with the final harvest. This website is dedicated toward helping Christians, whom God has called to write or read genuinely Christian books. Some of our discussion is carried out in a closed Facebook group. Let me know if you’re interested in that. It’s a checkbox in the new form of engagement below.

This marks a major change for me: I’ve always been a lone wolf, a very asocial man who works best alone with my thoughts and ideas. As I have ventured out into social media, now that I self-publish full-time from my studio office at home, it has been a real joy to “meet” people from all over the world with similar interests and passions.

If we are called to write, we must never forget that Jesus is the core of it all. As we are obedient to Him, we learn holiness. As Peter quoted, “You shall be holy, for I am Holy.” He was quoting something the Lord said through Moses centuries earlier. What Moses had not foreseen was the mystery of the Church. Especially the part where we are made holy by His Holiness residing within us, in our spirits. He works His way out through our soul as we allow it and eventually shows us how to purify our flesh.

It doesn’t just happen

The result for each one of us individually pursuing and grasping onto the very character of God becomes holiness. Hagios, holiness, manifests in a consecrated focus, which is morally blameless, and we become physically pure [Christian holiness’ moral definition].

For us as authors it means that we must maintain a pure, laser-like focus on the Truth—so we can share that with our readers.

You may say, “That’s not my call.”

I say, “It’s the call of all believers—of which you are one if you claim to be a Christian author.” That’s why Paul and Peter call us saints. This is the same word, hagios, and means the holy ones. That’s you and me, brothers and sisters.

Your calling as an author may be a subset of your broader calling. But, the call points always to holiness, purity, the strait and narrow path which leads from the narrow gate. You will not be fulfilled as a Christian author until you answer this call to holiness.

Why the Ruach Battle Group?

As the world falls apart, we need Christian fiction

At least this is true for people like myself who are addicted to reading. Don’t accept anything less. Share the good stuff with the rest of us. In addition, the world [the kosmos: a Satanic system which seemingly runs this planet] needs Christian fiction. For many people, especially those immersed in the world online, excellent Christian fiction may be the best hope for salvation they ever see. It will quite possibly be the only glimpse they ever get of truly righteous living.

True Christian content actually edifies

I saw this spiritual benefit of creative output first in music. As Barry McGuire used to sing: “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in Jesus.” He, the Second Chapter of Acts, Debbie Boone, Keith Green, and others transformed my music habits in the mid-70s after I met the Lord. Here was popular entertainment which edified and built me up. It was a major revelation.

Now, I find I am at the same place with Christian fiction. I hunger for strongly Christian books which edify, raise me to worship, and fill some of the need I have for the presence of the Lord in my life.

The production of truly Christian fiction takes place within battle

The Creep cannot help us. In fact, he will do everything He can to discourage, distract, and/or destroy those of us called by God to write. The more Truth we include in our books, the more desperate the enemy will become. If you do not find conflict in the writing and production of your book you display your consecration [prayed up and committed—backed up by prayers of others]. —OR— You present no real threat and the Creep carefully leaves you alone. Obviously, a large range of positions lie between these extremes.

Mainly, the Holy Spirit provides the power we need to write transformational books. Without His involvement, you waste your time. Don’t get me wrong! I fully understand few are called to this. But those who are called remain the focus of this ministry.

Why is the FaceBook group, Ruach Battle Group,  closed?

Mainly, we want Christian discussion—not apologetics. For several reasons, authors and readers need a place to share and ask open questions without fear of reprisal or ridicule. In the age of the Great Falling Away, being Christian becomes not politically correct [at the very least]. More than that we have pledged fealty to another King, in a glorious Kingdom without end. This makes worldly governments a bit queasy, at the least. After all, we are advocating the overthrow of the Creep’s worldly system. We may also have members from areas of the globe where Christianity is illegal. We need to be able to keep confidences.

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