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Spirit of the Desert is a warm and welcoming Jewish Renewal community that seeks to provide joyful transformative healing and relevant spirituality. We are passionately committed to reconnecting Jews back to their roots and we draw upon mystical and Chassidic traditions.

Joyful and Celebratory

Joyful celebration, storytelling, song, chant, dance, meditation, and kabbalah study are just some of the practices gleaned from our treasured tradition. Guest Rabbis and musicians frequent Ruach Hamidbar, revitalizing us with their kabbalistic teachings, storytelling, chanting, meditations, and unique musical gifts. We offer many opportunities throughout the year for learning and growth.

Egalitarian Community

Ruach Hamidbar is an egalitarian community that cares deeply about all life and is committed to “Tikkun Olam” the healing of the world. We strive to bring healing to the world through the promotion of Torah, mitzvot, tzedakah, environmental responsibility, and profound caring for all life. All Jews and spiritual seekers are welcome and no Hebrew or background is necessary.

Accepting and Non-Judgmental

We are an accepting and non-judgmental community of diverse backgrounds and varied levels of observance woven together by the desire to enrich our lives through Jewish spiritual practice. We are GLBTQ and differently-abled friendly.

Everyone is welcomed into our community. Come and join us! You will be inspired and have fun!


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