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woman doing yoga at home


Embrace Your Unique Anatomy in Your Yoga Practice

There is actually no universal alignment that applies to every pose, nor is there a perfect form that applies to each person. Your body is the only one like it. Read how you can honor your anatomy in your yoga practice.

Karson McGinley

woman laying outdoors


5 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Posture

Is bad posture causing you back pain? Has anyone ever told you to stand up straight? Check out these five yoga poses to improve your posture today—they may be the posture correctors you’ve been looking for.

Lena Schmidt

young woman practicing yoga at home


Enjoy a Full Moon-Inspired Yoga Practice

A full moon can serve as a reminder of purnata, your divine perfection. With a focus on these full moon-inspired asymmetrical poses, note the sense of completion you feel as you work through the sequence.

Karson McGinley


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