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Hu mitrakêz raq bashquiá hazôt Ki vadáy hevín sheyêsh li matsáv rúach leshanôt Hu lo rotsê lehitmodêd Mistaguêr betôkh atsmô Uláy mimêni mefachêdlife I had to walk away I heard The Ruach say Just turn and look at Yahuah He's never left your side He still remembers Who you are His arms are openOF DREAMS LET THY WATER FLOW MAY WE COME FORTH THROUGH THE MIRROR AND BECOME ONE WITH THY ABUNDANCE. LEPACA NAAMAH AMA RUACH MASKIM ROSARAN WE REACHRuach Badad Arioth Naamah Samalo Shed Opun Lilith Ama Naamah Samolo Shed Layil Naamah Rimog Arioth Lirochi Lilith Lepaca Lilith Ruach Naamahdio E neanche lo spirito gli interessava Kavod, come Ruach, indicava una cosa che passava Che se gli stavi vicino ti ustionava I carri infuocati sopra"...Hineni mavi et hamabool maimarubot hasham al ha'aretz, Leshachet kol basar asher bo ruach chaim mitachat hashamaim, Kol asher ba'aretz yigva...During Alagas a Ruach to be Shaped as a raven in prodigy I wend in wind and I will be a Fairy in wind, gleeful creature Find a thrawn queen in the terre

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