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Kir explained that the decision of his deputy was unconstitutional and does not consider it valid because the official was purportedly acting on the influence of the governor Bol Ruach Rom.

South Sudan's Maiwut speaker denies impeachment

for spirit is ruach, which also means the breath of God.

Sacred energies: To find your place in the world, pray with wind, fire, water, and earth

Eighteen-year-old Dinai But But Ruach fled his native South Sudan for neighbouring Ethiopia in 2017.

Forced displacement at record 68.5 million

In addition to experiential and educational programming, the convention is a celebration of the culmination of the year, fueled by the ruach (spirit) of the USY-ers.

United Synagogue Youth's 67th annual convention to focus on teens as agents of societal change

having burned on molten pitch, beheld the billowing light of hell and burrowed still having opened against the rock felt fresh that cleaving separation of the body from the body, having muddied the ground with your blood and thought maybe he could be made flesh anew, having called for ruach and learned there is no life begun down here.

Four poems and an interview

Among Sacred Springs' programs is the Sacred Circle of Spirituality and Sustainability that aims to deepen the students' 'experience of God who suffuses, sacralizes, sensitizes and sustains nature.' The experience should enable participants to grow 'in the sacred web of interdependent interrelations with the Divine Creative Spirit (Ruach Elohim), self, neighbor, the poor and creation.' Figure that out.

From Sacred Springs to Via Dolorosa

Here: Wild Dove as Spirit-Guide, claiming the prophet-to-be as "familiar." Jesus will ever after assert, when queried about the Power by which he engages the Spirit-Wars, that it is this bird, the Ruach HaKodesh ("Sacred Wind" appearing in avian-bodily-form as "Holy Spirit"), who is his consort and potency (Mk 6:14-15; Davies, 94; Perkinson, 2013, 83, 172-8).

Protecting water in the anthropocene: river spirits and political struggles in Detroit, Standing Rock, and the Bible

In America, the arrival of Ruach retreats in the 1980s integrated a more observant following, where Reb Shlomo was the centerpiece, with Orthodox teachers surrounding him with their traditional discourses and contemporary interpretations.

Soul brothers: a memoir

mistranslates the word "ruach," which is "the fierce


(8) Borges here refers to the Hebrew word for spirit, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Romanized as ruach or, sometimes, ruah.

"Hitler wants to be defeated": on Borges, Freud, and the death drive

Section 4 brings Selected Poems to a close with "Ruach," a poem written by Mills in anticipation of death, its one-word title being Hebrew for spirit, mind, breath, wind, and God.

Toward Eden's Trees


RUACH connects Jewish care providers to individuals in need, looking to make emotional and spiritual support more accessible.

RUACH hosts a volunteer network of therapists, social workers, rabbis, chaplains, and providers-in-training offering support during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

We span the full spectrum of the Jewish community, with members of our network from all denominational backgrounds. Independent caregivers in our network provide inclusive and accessible care to clients of all walks of life, regardless of religion, observance level, age, nationality, gender identity, orientation, ability, or political affiliation. We are providing short-term supportive support for immediate emotional and spiritual needs of between 4-6 sessions.

Our service is 100% free for users in order to lower barriers to emotional and spiritual care.



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