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Exercising is one of the best habits we can cultivate for our well-being, and yoga will definitely have a positive impact on your health and performance. But it is not always easy to get a place to learn or if you have been doing it for a while, it takes the effort to get instructors or spaces that adapt to your needs.

Resorting to online yoga classes is an option that you could consider in case you want to learn without an instructor near or according to your preferences, even if you simply prefer to stay at home to avoid traffic.

That is why we have written for you a list of the best online sites where you can enjoy the best classes, as well as some small tips to choose the right one.

Before going to the list, there are a few things to consider to make sure that you choose –And pay- the best site for you.

  • Establish your tastes: determine if the site you are looking for should speak to you about the lifestyle, physical strength, imitate a social network where you can comment on content, or simply look for yoga videos.
  • Content to your liking: depending on the site some classes are more entertaining than others, they are recorded in a studio or outdoors, and the instructors are famous or not.
  • Accessibility: if you are looking for an online yoga site, it is because you cannot go to a class in a studio, make sure that the site you choose is compatible with your devices.

There isn’t much science behind making a choice, but below we listed the best sites based on performance, price, and results that you can find online:

Official Site

MyYogaWorks is born from a real yoga studio named Yoga Works, with more than 30 years of experience teaching classes. Considering the limited time of many students, they saw fit to launch their own website, in which they offer a free trial of 14 days, a month for $ 15, 6 months for $ 80 and a year for $ 150 (when you subscribe for the first time the first 3 months cost $ 1 each).

The videos available last between 5 and 60 minutes, although you should know that most of them are short videos and you will not be able to explore the site by type of yoga.

Something quite positive about the site is that when you register your user you must answer a series of questions so they outline and present content that surely interests you.

None of their teachers is famous in the yoga industry, but they have trained some of the best in the industry, guaranteeing that the content is solid and reliable.

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Official Site

Founded in 2006 by David Procyshyn, DoYogaWithMe is an online site that you can explore for free, as its founders prefer to solicit donations from members of their community, although you can get a Plus membership for $ 5 and get access to an even larger amount of videos to enrich your training sessions.

They have videos dedicated to beginners, but most of the content is for people with skills between intermediate and advanced.

An added value is that a good amount of videos are recorded outdoors in beautiful natural locations, which is perfect to take your mobile device outdoors and practice yoga (it is compatible with most devices in the market).

The duration of the videos is between 0 and 90 minutes, and you can search content on the website using filters such as coach, level of difficulty and length, to mention a few examples.

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Official Site

Gaia offers more than online yoga classes, you can find Pilates, meditation, Thai Chi, and even dance classes.

In addition, you can find many movies and short films, articles and different types of content aimed at helping you reach your full potential as an individual. It is a site that offers more than yoga classes online, with Gaia you can give a real turn to your life.

Some of the best yoga instructors teach on this website, including Annie Carpenter, Kino Macgregor, Kia Miller, Tommy Rosen, and Sianna Sherman. You can find yoga classes of the types Kundalini, restorative, Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha and power classes and the videos can last from 5 to 90 minutes.

You can also benefit greatly from the training programs, with different ranges of duration, from 7 to 30 days. The first month will cost you $ 0.99 and the rest of the months $ 9.95.

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Official Site

Lorna Borenstein is the creator of the relatively new Grokker online yoga page, where you get a free 14-day trial as a new subscriber, while monthly memberships cost $ 14.99, although if you opt for the annual membership, you pay $ 9.99 per month.

It is impressive to explore all the content of this website, they make yoga more than an exercise.

This site is an excellent choice if you want to completely change your lifestyle and in addition to doing yoga you want concentration classes, relaxation routines, cooking tips and more you will like Grokker a lot, they even have content that combines yoga with fitness classes.

In addition, the design of this website is made so that you feel that you use a social network and are part of a community, you can comment on articles and videos, chat with other users, upload your profile picture, follow other users and even follow your favorite instructors to be aware every time they publish new content.

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Official Site

Exploring the online site of YogaToday is quite pleasant because the design is simple, easy to explore, you can locate yourself in one of the upper tabs and choose videos in the categories poses, classes and challenges, and if you are doing a specific search here you can do it without investing too much time.

The poses section is quite practical because it will allow you to understand which the correct way to execute certain movements until reaching a certain position is. While on the other hand, the challenges section presents challenges at different levels and to achieve very varied objectives, such as standing up or achieving relaxation. The class section has many videos rated by level of difficulty.

You will get much out of their blog, where you will find suggestions for many things, such as recipes and diets, ways to manage migraines, how to pose challenges, and even how to take a vacation to really relax.

The YogaToday monthly membership is $ 15 and with the annual membership each month it costs $ 9.92.

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Official Site

Through the content available in DoYouYoga you will have access to many videos and training programs focused on helping you, for example, to establish your habits through a 28-day training program for beginners aimed at achieving goals and establishing your routine. Its content includes various styles of yoga.

Joining the almost 300,000 members of DoYouYoga is also a good idea, as you will have access to exclusive content from registered members.

On the other hand, paying for membership gives you access to premium content, for a month you will pay $ 15, a membership of three months implies monthly payments of $ 12, while with the annual each month it costs $ 10; in the last two cases, the refund is in 30 days if you decide to cancel your membership.

To maintain the motivation of its members, this website uses an entertaining system of prizes and rewards after completing certain challenges in your training. The videos last between 5 and 30 minutes, or you can read their articles.

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Official Site

OMstarsis a website of top quality online yoga classes thanks to its co-founders Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna, two of the most famous and sought after yoga instructors in the world.

We must indicate that it is not very easy to navigate through their site, but it is worth it because you will find videos and content dedicated to people of all levels in yoga.

They create monthly challenges to maintain motivation among their subscribers and also carry out campaigns through challenges to support charitable causes so that in addition to keeping fit you will collaborate with people in need.

Something that stands out within its content is a section dedicated to children, so you can instill in your sons and daughters between 3 to 13 years of age the love for yoga while instilling values in them.

The monthly fee is $ 14.99 and $ 149.99 per year, which includes two free months.

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Official Site

AloMoves is an outstanding place for yoga, we can say that their classes aim at physical conditioning, so it is an ideal place if you are among people who want to increase the physical performance without going to a gym.

In addition, some of the best instructors in the world share their videos on this site, including Patrick Beach, Dylan Werner, Meghan Currie, and Kino MacGregor.

When you choose a package of classes you will notice that they all start in a particular way, as the instructor directs a personal message followed by a brief explanation of the content of that series of videos. The variety of content includes the categories yoga, functional fitness, strength, weight loss, and flexibility –Which are basically calisthenics.

The monthly fee is $ 20 per month, although you can enjoy a 7-day free trial period, to decide whether or not the site suits you.

In The End

Searching for online yoga classes is a real challenge, there is a lot of content online and not all of this is necessarily professional or even profitable. Search within our list the site that fits your needs and budget and discovers how much you can improve your life and health by spending a few minutes a day to this great activity.

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