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Make Better Use of Your Time by Reading Books

In the olden days, much before technology made its way into our lives, the popular pastime was to read books. However, this habit has been fading away. Traditional methods of reading have taken a new turn, thanks to the digital revolution. Inculcating the practice of reading books amongst, both, children and adults will help in improving vocabulary, memory, academic performance and communication skills. The more you read, the more words you gain exposure to. In addition to this, reading books compel you to remember an array of characters, their experiences, history, purposes, and nuances, as well as the subplots that make their way through every chapter. That is a lot to remember, but our brains are incredible things and can memorise these things with ease. The Internet is a great treasure chest of E-books and literary websites. Most learners are empowering themselves with E-books. However, nothing can change the feeling you get when you hold a book in your hands and read it page by page.

Enough about readers, let us take a look at what they like to read

If you are looking for a list of some of the best books to read, then we suggest you to continue reading this article. If you visit our online site, you will be able to browse through an assortment of online books and paperback books. Use the filters provided to search for books based on your requirements. Books from genres, such as fiction, non-fiction, literary fiction, autobiographies, self-help, academic, religious, spiritual, business, etc., are all available online. Did you know that when Flipkart commenced its operations, they started off with just books? So, rest assured and shop for the books you would love to get your hands on, as our online store offers you books from all across the world.

Know About Your Favorite Authors

Although the subject and styles matter when it comes to shortlisting one’s favourite authors, they all have two similar qualities in common: they all are routinely updated and engaging to read. They also provide a glimpse into their lives, their work and their life. Some of the best authors of this season are, Rujuta Diwekar, Sadhguru, Héctor García, Francesc Miralles, Jay Shetty and Milind Soman. Rujuta Diwekar is a leading nutrition and science expert, a best-selling author and an avid speaker on health and wellness. Sadhguru, also known as Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian yogi and an author. He has established the Isha Foundation where yoga programmes are conducted. He has written books on enlightenment, emotions, life and death, and so on. Héctor García, born in Japan, lived in Spain, is an author of Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life and The Book of Ichigo Ichi.

An author of a number of best-selling self-help and inspirational books, Francesc Miralles is an award-winning author whose book Love in Lowercase has been translated into twenty languages. A former monk turned storyteller and an award-winning author as well as a viral content creator, Jay Shetty has written the book called Think Like a Monk. Last but not least, Milind Soman, the heartthrob of India, has co-authored with a renowned author named Roopa Pai and written the book called as Made in India. This book revolves around a man with an unusual state of mind that will leave you astonished and inspired.

Popular Books

If your preference is to browse through a range of best-selling books, then we will make it easier for you to search for them. The top 5 books that are trending now are Ikigai by Héctor García, Death by Sadhguru, The 12-week Fitness Project by Rujuta Diwekar, With Love by Terribly Tiny Tales and No Limits: The Art And Science Of High Performance by Mukesh Bansal.

Top Five Books

Ikigai, The 12-week Fitness Project, Wish I Could Tell You, The Rudest Book Ever and Balwa are some of the best-selling books at the moment. Shop for these books online and add them to your epic book collection today.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About Books:

Q1. What books should I read?

Ans: This answer solely depends on the genre you are looking for. There are many books that you can want to read. We would suggest you narrow down your preferences according to your preferred genre, then read the synopsis and finalise the books that you would like to read.

Q2. What are the most popular books right now?

Ans: As mentioned above, a few of the best-selling books are The 12-week Fitness Project by Rujuta Diwekar, Ikigai by Héctor García, With Love by Terribly Tiny Tales, No Limits by Mukesh Bansal and Death by Sadhguru. You can buy these books from our online store.

Q3. Where can I order books from?

Ans: You can order a wide range of books from Flipkart. We have an assortment of books in different styles, subjects and genres. Browse through our site to know more about the huge collection we have in store for you.

Q4. Are books better than E-books?

Ans: According to me, books are far better than E-books. The mere smell of a new book excites me enough to read half of it the same day I bought it. Holding a book in your hands and reading it the authentic way feels more satisfying than reading it from a screen.

Q5. Are books better than movies?

Ans: This answer is subjective and depends on the personal choice of a person. For me, sometimes books are better and sometimes movies. For instance, when it comes to Harry Potter, I preferred the books over movies. As cliched as it sounds, the movies missed out on a number of scenes that are beautifully expressed in the books.


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