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Platform for Eretz HaKodesh

Eretz HaKodesh

Eretz HaKodesh stands for a strong dynamic Israel illuminated by the teachings of Jewish tradition.

Eretz HaKodesh believes that classical Jewish values of Torah as taught for millennia should play a central role in modern Israel.

Eretz HaKodesh believes that it is essential that Jews have a deep understanding of the beauty and depth of Jewish learning and tradition. We will work to promote Jewish educational programs for young and old in Israel and around the world.

Eretz HaKodesh believes that a key to the Jewish future is the principle of Ahavat Yisroel, the unconditional love and concern for all Jews, regardless of background or level of religious observance. Eretz HaKodesh will strive to ensure that the bond between all Jews be strengthened.

Eretz HaKodesh will strive to bolster Israeli society by creating economic opportunity for all, in particular those with limited skills and living below the poverty line. Eretz HaKodesh will strive to create programs to integrate Jews of all backgrounds into the workforce to make Israel a country of opportunity for all.

Eretz HaKodesh believes that all Jews share a common history and destiny reaching back to Mt. Sinai. We will endeavor to strengthen that bond with a focus on Jewish learning imbued with Ahavat Yisroel.


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