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The Ruach haKodesh of YAHWEH will lead us unto the place that we must decrease and YAHWEH will increase.

YAHWEH's pure golden Menorah The Ruach haKodeshThe Ruach haKodesh the comforter of YAHWEH, is the most important precious gift of YAHWEH that HE has given to us that are in YAHSHUA ha-MessiYah.

We need the Ruach haKodesh to be able to walk before YAHWEH at all times for the Ruach will lead us in all truth. We must have a love and a hunger for the Ruach haKodesh because it in part of YAHWEH and YAHSHUA and it is by HIS Ruach that HE corrects us and judges us to bring us back to righteousness by judgment, because the love of YAHWEH is shed abroad in our hearts by the Ruach HaKodesh which is given to us.

 This is the Word of YAHWEH to Zerubbabel, saying, "Not by might, nor by power, but by MY Ruach, saith YAHWEH of hosts."

Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH,
 Cast me not away from YOUR presence;
 and take not YOUR Ruach haKodesh from me.

A way of life described as ''walking in the fear of YAHWEH and in the comfort of the Ruach Ha Kodesh".

YAHWEH of Ruach seated HIM on the throne of HIS majesty, and the Ruach of righteousness was poured out upon HIM.

Ruach Ha Kodesh In the Pastoral letters; Ivrim, I and II Kepha, and Yahudah

In the light of the age of fulfillment, Yochanan's mission itself took on something of the character of the message of the Kingdom of YAHWEH, by anticipation.

YAHWEH's Ruach effective in the moral and Spiritual transformation of His people, will be the inner principle of the life of the restored community.

The outward manifestation of the Ruach of prophecy is primarily to be viewed as an awesome circumstance.

The primary manifestation of the moving of YAHWEH's Ruach haKodesh in the Old Covenant is prophecy.

Effects of the operation of the Ruach haKodesh seen by the great prophets in establishment of justice and righteousness among the people of YAHWEH.

The anointing of the Ruach haKodesh is the unsearchable power of YAHWEH, conceived in the first place as the manifestation of YAHWEH's moving.

The Ruach haKodesh (With Elder JeremiYah Odelle)  

Elder JeremiYah Odelle joined Pastor Roberts live on his broadcast to give us some words of wisdom on the Ruach haKodesh.

Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH; Responsibility, Duty And Office 

Receive the Ruach haKodesh, ask FATHER YAHWEH out of a pure intent in your heart, with a pure motive and knowledge of what you are asking for.

Ruach haKodesh of YAHWEH Speaks To Lead Us Unto The Way Of Truth

Speak With Other Tongues, As The Ruach haKodesh Gave Them Utterance 

SetApart Ruach haKodesh In YAHSHUA As Seen Through Shaul

Sha'ul Writes;  Law of the Ruach Of Life In YAHSHUA MESSIYAH 

Shaul Exhorts; Indwelt by the Ruach haKodesh, enter into a new relationship to YAHWEH

Proof that we are sons of YAHWEH is the indwelling Ruach haKodesh, which cries out "ABBA! FATHER!"

Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH Manifested In The Old Covenant

Scriptures and commentaries enlightening the moving of YAHWEH's Ruach haKodesh in the Old Covenant.

Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH

Ruach haKodesh Defined In The Hebrew Lexicon

Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH In The New Covenant Word Of YAHWEH

SetApart Ruach haKodesh of YAHWEH has an administration and power that must function in the midst of the assembly and the congregation today! 

Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH Revealed In The Book Of Luke 

Ruach haKodesh Revelation thoroughly detailed by Luke and commentary notes added.

Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH Revealed Through Luke In The Book Of Acts 

Ruach haKodesh Revelation Through The Evangelist Luke Continues In The Book Of Acts

SetApart Ruach haKodesh Of YAHWEH Documentation Resources

Various commentaries from different resources concerning revelation of the SetApart Ruach haKodesh.

Ruach haKodesh Site Map

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