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The Labyrinth is a symbol for THE PATH of life that we all walk in one way or another. Walking a Labyrinth, is a meditative, spiritual tool for learning to walk through life more awakened, body, mind and soul.

A labyrinth, simply put, is a walking prayer wheel. As you wind your way through the straight and narrow, that is also one Eternal round, the path guides you in all different directions. You’re never facing the same way for a very long and the turns and curves come unanticipated. Each step you take makes you let go of the way you think things should be and turn your will over to God-Source, so by the time you get to the center, you are more open and receptive than you would otherwise be on your own.

In the center of this walking labyrinth, if you clap your hands there’s a resonant echo, that goes flat as soon as you start to clap them over the outer rings, indicating a energetic funnel pouring in where you see the grass reaching a Heavenward.  In Energy Healing language: The center of this sacred space holds an electromagnetic channel that activates both the liberating and manifesting current of your chakras.

It is important to do your best to simply remain open and receptive, while taking the time you need in the center of this powerful and sacred space.

Once you feel complete in the center, you wind your way back out, with the ability to feel surrendered (a conduit or channel) to the divine support that was pouring through you in there. On your journey outward, you begin to understand the metaphors you were learning on the path. By the time you’re ready to step out, the way you stepped in, (having completed your meditative prayer cycle), everything has changed.



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