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Please see the Recreation Center Moderate & Low Risk Plan for use of the Recreation Center and Fieldhouse during this time. 

Though we continue to observe social distancing guidelines, we have increased the number of available spots in our fitness classes! Patrons do have the opportunity to make a reservation to reserve their spot in class as long as they arrive 5 minutes or more before class, but there are often walk-in spots available due to last minute cancellations. If you are on the wait-list for a class or are hoping a spot opens up, please check the app the day of your class to see if a spot has opened up or come by to see if a walk-in spot is available!


Looking for more one-on-one accountability or a program designed just for you? Our trainers offer both in-person and virtual options! You can view their bios and contact information here.



For the most up-to-date class schedules, please check out the “Provo  Recreation Center” app. This app can be found on both your iPhone and Android devices.

A Provo Recreation Center membership gives you access to two, state-of-the art fitness centers right here in Provo! Our fitness mezzanine located at the Provo Recreation Center and “The Fieldhouse” located at Peaks Ice Arena provide an amazing workout experience for both adults and teens (14+). Our superior equipment comes from both Life Fitness and Hammer Strength, spreading out across the 10,000 square foot area at Provo Rec and the 7,000 square foot Fieldhouse. The Recreation Center additionally houses 2 group fitness studios, 1 spin studio, and an indoor track.

We offer more than 170 extraordinary group fitness classes (including specialty classes for youth, post-partum parents and seniors) and open gym from open to close. If you’re looking to get started or take your current training to the next level, outstanding Personal Trainers are also available at The Fieldhouse. Please be aware of our Fitness Etiquette Guidelines. Find out more about the classes by reading the Fitness Class Descriptions.

 Related ImageTour de Provo is back!

This FREE cycling challenge is designed to help you stay motivated and committed to your cardiovascular health. Participants who bike 300 or more miles, or attend 14 classes from Nov 2 - Dec 19 get a Tour de Provo t-shirt!  As you progress through mileage clubs 300, 500, 750 and 1000 you have opportunities to win prizes!

We have added additional spin classes to our schedule and will be bringing 24/7 virtual classes to our studios within the next few weeks to alleviate the demand for classes. You can also sign up for "Spin Class Overflow" on the Provo Rec App to secure a bike on the east side of the building where we will stream our live classes for you.

Sponsors will be supplying refreshments at random dates throughout the tour and we look forward to surprising participants! We always encourage patrons to bring a water bottle to their ride!

How to Report Mileage & Classes
-We will send an email with with a quick form to fill out each week on Fridays. You should keep track on your own throughout the week and submit mileage by Sunday at Midnight for the previous week.

-By Tuesday morning classes, the Tv's in the spin studio will be up-to-date with new mileage club members!

-Final miles must be entered by midnight on Sunday, December 20. Miles ridden outside of our gym do count.

How to Win
-We are using a tiered rewards system in which patrons can work their way into mileage clubs and be celebrated on the leaderboard in the spin studio as they make it there– the 300 mile club, 500 mile club, 750 mile club and 1,000 mile club.

-Each person who reaches 300 miles or attends 14 classes will receive the 2020 Tour de Provo t-shirt and one entry into the grand prize drawing.

-Each person who finishes in the 500 mile club receives the t-shirt and two entries into the grand prize drawing.

-Each person who finishes in the 750 mile club receives the t-shirt and three entries into the grand prize drawing.

-Each person who finishes in the 1,000 mile club receives the t-shirt and four entries into the Grand Prize drawing.

-Grand Prizes to be announced at a later date!

Grand Finale - Saturday, December 19
We will have a Grand Finale with spin classes every hour on the hour from 6AM - 12PM on Saturday, December 19. We ask patrons to attend no more than 2 classes that day to give others a chance to join in on the fun. Reservations can be made one week before on the Provo Rec App.

T-shirts – sizing shirts available at the Fitness Desk.

Reminder – If you don’t have a reservation for class, check the app the night/morning before to see if a spot opens up and if you still don’t have a reservation, please wait outside the spin studio in order of arrival until 4 minutes to class time. Then any open spots can go to walk-in participants.

Weight roomThe Fieldhouse 

Whether you’re an experienced lifter, a TRX regular, or someone looking for a new routine, The Fieldhouse has a workout for you. Designed to break up the monotony that we can all experience from time to time at the gym, The Fieldhouse offers unique classes, open gym, and access to the best personal training on the market to get you the results you want. A Recreation Center membership or day pass purchased at Peaks Ice Arena gets those ages 14+ access to the space as a part of the Provo Triple Play Access offerings. Personal training sessions are not included and come at an additional fee.

Related ImagePersonal Training

Starting a workout regimen with new movements and lifts can be intimidating. Perhaps you’re not reaching your goals or you’re training for an upcoming event and are seeking extra motivation and guidance. Look no further than personal trainers at The Fieldhouse. Our team of trainers has been carefully curated to deliver a variety of experience and specialized training for our member base. Pricing, session length, packages, and more vary per trainer. See our trainer listing or the front desk for trainer biographies and contact information.

Training sessions are registered with and paid directly to these trainers; as such, refund policies, cancellation policies, etc. vary per trainer. Please carefully consider and research your options before committing to a purchase; email Fitness Coordinator Lauren Ledoux for details and inquiries.

Personal training will not be available or accessible at The Recreation Center. Personal trainers will also not solicit business at The Recreation Center. The low-pressure environment and legacy of family-focused fitness enjoyed there will continue to be maintained. Training at The Fieldhouse is only permitted with approved trainers who have booked time with Fieldhouse administrative staff.

man using weightsWeight Equipment

We strive to have the highest quality weight equipment and machines on hand for those look to change their physique. Our two lines of strength equipment offered are Hammer Strength as well as the LifeFitness Signature Series. Both of these lines offer superior isolation for muscle groups as well as modifications for those wanting a simple and effective burn. We have become well known for superior maintenance of our equipment and having a clean facility!

 Related ImageStages Bikes
How to Set Up Your Bike

Console/Screen Tutorial

Additional Bike Features
1. Stages bike auto calibrates and rather than using levels, uses the most accurate measure of performance – Power/Watts – to determine a user’s effort.

2. Resistance knob with a sprint shift lever!
    • Not having inaccurate levels to determine resistance allows users the ability to make small/micro adjustments to resistance without taking an entire level on or off.
    • The three-stage sprint shift level is perfect for HIIT and interval training, or anytime a user wants to add or take off 1.5 turns to their resistance knob without having to actually turn the knob. Again – more customization to your ride!

3. STAGES CARBONGLYDE - The most efficient indoor cycling drive train also delivers the most natural road feel.

4. STAGESFIT - Precision fit range and quick adjustment functions set your riders up for their next best performance.

5. STAGES FITLOC Simple height adjustments for a quick, comfortable & secure ride.

6. STAGES FLIGHT APP - See below!

Stage Flight App - Click here to learn how to download and use the Stages Flight App

 - Features of Stages Flight App
1. Track your indoor and outdoor cardio workouts using the GPS in your iPhone.

2. Customize your ride based on fitness level by taking an FTP test

Your FTP is an estimation of the amount of work (wattage) you are able to maintain over one hour. Finding out your FTP gives you the ability to assess your fitness level over time and customize your training zones so we can coach you better! You can find a 3, 10, 20 and 60 minute FTP test in the app menu.

• Avoid exercising the day before and make sure you hydrate and eat well before your FTP test.
• The longer the test, the more accurate it will be
• You can also manually adjust your FTP in settings

3. Color coded training zones

If your FTP is set, your app will sync up to your bike to show you what training zone YOU are in based on the Stages Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) chart. The colors are representative of what percentage of your FTP you are riding at and are useful in terms of knowing where your effort should be during your class/training.

• You can still use the app without setting your FTP, it just becomes more accurate with an FTP set.
• To view color/training zones while exercising, go to settings and select FTP to the right of “Intensity %” before starting your ride.

4. Optionally sync your heart rate monitor if it has ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities.

• If you’d prefer to see the percentage of your max heart rate, select heart rate to the right of “Intensity %” in your settings.

5. Pairs with Strava, Sufferfest and other apps.



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