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We want to be sure you feel welcomed and comfortable, so you may want to understand some of the yoga studio protocol as a guideline and nothing more.  These are suggestions for creating a comfortable space for practice and meditation. Nothing is written in stone (we use keyboards now and they have a backspace so do not stress).

  • Get to class a few minutes early and put your mat down but do not get too attached to your spot because we will always slide over for one more.  You can properly practice with a scotch tape’s distance between you and the next yogi. 
  • If you are late and are deep in parking-asana, no problem, simply wait until the meditation or chanting at the beginning of class is over and quietly slide in. We are thrilled you made the effort to come to class period.
  • Chanting is always optional but this is the place to see if you would like it. Some teachers will chant, others will not but try not to freak out, we have confirmed that none of the chants played backwards, say “paul is dead” and in this space they are intended to invoke only peace and the 4 note range most of us have.
  •  Shoes stay outside of the studio in the cubbies in an effort to get to know your real height.
  • Try to be hydrated when you come to class but if your life has drained you completely bring water or know that we sell it by the entrance and we also have refillable glass bottles to carry into class with you.
  •  We have showers and changing rooms to use.  please keep your shoes and gear in the cubbies.  There are shower experience packages you can purchase which include towels, scrubs, and essential oils and you can also rent a towel; otherwise you will need to bring your own towel for class or to shower.
  •  We have mats to try and mats to buy and of course please BYOM.   You can even drag in old Bessie, your daughter's friend's old pilates mat, all  mats welcome.

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