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Virtual – Yin Yang Fall/Winter Pop-up Series with Karen

When:  Saturdays ~ October 17, November 14, December 12  ~  10am-11:30am EST
Investment: $20 per session

Practice in the comfort of your own home via Zoom!
**Classes will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.

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October- Yin Yang, ‘Cocoon’
Start off with a strengthening heat-building practice designed to ground down as you
tap into the ‘yang’ muscular engagement portion of the class. Transition with a breath
practice into a Restorative Yin poses to support and nurture you in forward and side
bends while your muscles melt onto their bones. Cocoon yourself with blankets and
pillows as we insulate ourselves from the chaotic activity of the external world.
Recommended: Three Blankets, Two Pillows/Bolsters and 1-2 Blocks.

November-Yin Yang, ‘Twist it Out’
Wring out the spell of 2020 in your body and mind this holiday season. Engage in a
warming class devoted to twists and side bends. Release tension from hidden crevices
of the body before entering the Yin section. Experience a further deep muscle and
fascia release as you explore twists and heart opening poses in Yin. Detox the body
and mind this Holiday Season!
Recommended: Firm Pillow/Bolster, Soft Pillow/Bolster, Two Blankets and 1-2 Blocks.

December-Yin Yang, ‘Balance & Blessings’
Reflect on 2020, then explore letting go while in a meditative flow in order to make room
for blessings in 2021. Set intentions as you explore poses that will create a center while
challenging your balance in this Yin Yang practice designed to create inner strength of
your resolve and body-centering.
Recommended: Two Blocks, Two Blankets and A Pillow or Bolster.


Aqua Yoga with Cindy Phillips

When:  Thursdays @ 10:00am
Where:  Compass Hotel Pool ~ 12324 Manatee Ave West, Bradenton
Cost:  $20 

** This class is currently on a drop-in basis.  Registration and payment can be made at the front desk of hotel upon arrival.

Island Yoga Space is teaming up the Compass Hotel to offer you a new and exciting modality for yoga practice. Introducing Aqua Yoga! Yoga in the water has many benefits. The supportive environment of the pool not only provides gentle access to the muscles and joints, it allows for the a deeper sense of the mind/body connection.

Aqua Yoga is super low impact, making it an ideal way for people with challenged joints to improve their strength, flexibility and range of motion.  This practice is suited for all body types at every age!

Some benefits may include:
Little to no impact on joints, improved balance and coordination, core strengthening and awareness, quiet mind and soothed nervous system, release of tension and stress, improved sleep.

**Included with your registration is a complimentary beverage!  Choose from Mimosa or Bloody Mary, tea or soft drink… Make an afternoon out of it and enjoy lunch at the resorts own Floridays Restaurant.

“String Your Intentions”
Mala Bead Making with Cindy

When:  Saturday, October 10th  ~  10am – 1pm
Investment:  $108

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The traditional use of a mala is for the circulation of a mantra, a prayer, an intention. Nearly every religion in the world has some form of a prayer bead it works with, a common form is a Christian rosary. It is not a coincidence that prayer beads are present in almost every culture, using beads as a tool of meditation is as old as human history.  Today, people wear their malas as a mindful adornment to come back to the present moment… each time one reaches to the neck during the day and feels a mala, it is a reminder to come back to the breath, to be aware.

Join Cindy for an afternoon of creative Mala Bead Making.  Learn how to string and knot your mala, bead by bead… 108 of them to be exact!  Choose from Labradorite(imparts strength and perseverance during transformation and change), Amazonite(filters stress, soothes emotions, and alleviates worry), Malachite Azurite(encourages action and enacts change, heals heartache), or Matte Rhodonite Jade(activates the heart and nurtures love, emotional balancer).

After stringing your mala, you will learn how to hand wrap your very own silk tassel.  Choose from an array of beautiful gemstone anchor beads to complete your mala.

This workshop will be focused on the yoga of creativity, not the physical asana practice. There will be a gentle stretch IF time permits.  Expect a centering meditation to set the tone for the session and lots of knot tying!
Beading is a delicate meditative job using very small objects.  BRING YOUR EYEGLASSES OR READERS!!! 

REGISTER EARLY!  Quantities of beads are limited.  First registrants get first pick of bead type.  Upon receiving payment you will get an email inquiring your choice of bead.

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Renewal Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones  
…the ultimate in yoga relaxation with Cindy Phillips 

When:  TBA
Investment:  $50

This season treat yourself to the deeply radiant healing effects of Hot Stones while your body is comfortably supported on blankets, bolsters and blocks in a restorative yoga practice.

Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy used by many cultures around the globe.  The placement of the heated basalt river rocks will bring you to a deeper level of relaxation and restoration.

Release tension form your body’s tissues, improve circulation and healing, quiet your mind, coax your nervous system into a state of peace and calm.  Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation and healing.

Open to ALL LEVELS.  No yoga experience necessary.
Limited to 10 participants.  Register early to get your spot!


Chair Yoga with Cindy Phillips

When: TBA
Where: TBA
Cost:  $15

** To register for this class:  Payment is handled through the hotel, not Island Yoga Space. If online registration is not working you may register and pay at the front desk of hotel.

Chair Yoga is ideal for those who do not want to, or are unable to get down on the floor on a traditional yoga mat.

Using the chair for support, the postures will be presented in a slow, clear and manageable way in order for the student to comfortably and confidently connect with mind and body. As you practice traditional yoga poses adapted to the chair you can focus more closely on breathing, mindfulness, flexibility and balance.

Enjoy ALL the benefits of a regular yoga practice in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Suitable for all levels and abilities.
Chairs will be provided.


 Workshop Policies

  • Pre-payment is required in full at the time of registration in order to reserve your space.
  • Registration can be completed online if payment is made by credit card.
  • All other registrations can be completed in studio. Cash, check, credit card
  • If you cancel 3 days prior to workshop start date, a studio credit will be issued.
  • No refunds, transfers or credits for cancellation within 3 days of workshop start date.
  • In addition, no refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete workshop.
  • If Island Yoga Space cancels a workshop, a full refund will be issued.
  • Make checks payable to Island Yoga Space and mail to:
    Cindy Phillips
    c/o Island Yoga Space
    5613 Guava Street Apt E
    Holmes Beach, FL 34217


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