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October 15-17, 2021 The Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies (Kansas City, Missouri) J. Renée DeTar /
Tuition is $425 for the entire workshop. Partial attendance is available. Click here to register.

Learn about the science of anatomy while practicing hatha yoga.

Explore the physical, the physiological and even the emotional and spiritual aspects of how we can beneficially affect our bodies with the careful and deliberate application of an anatomy focused yoga practice.


  • introduction to muscle awakening and body clairvoyance
  • form and function of the skeleton
  • form and function of the major joints
  • ligaments in yoga
  • muscle structure and tendons
  • stretching physiology
  • stretching biomechanics
  • pose analysis and The Bandha Yoga Codex

Application of the fundamentals in asana:

  • standing poses - the psoas awakening series
  • forward bends
  • hip openers - ease into lotus pose while protecting the knee
  • twists
  • backbends - work with intent toward urdhva dhanurasana (wheel pose)
  • arm balances
  • inversions
  • restorative poses


  • anatomy and physiology of the breath
  • opening the thorax, expanding the chest
  • fundamental pranayama techniques
  • qigong

Including illustrations and interactive 3d visuals of the human musculoskeletal system in yoga.

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