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At Gaiam, we're passionate about yoga so we understand the importance of choosing yoga clothes that are comfortable and makes you feel good when you wear it. 

Proper Yoga Clothing & Apparel for Women 

Since every person and every yoga workout is different, we think your yoga outfits should be too! Inject some fun and interest into your yoga outfits by mixing and matching from the pieces that make up proper yoga attire.

  • Yoga bras provide support and comfort while stretching, lunging, twisting, and hanging upside-down. The more intense the workout, the more support you will need.
  • Leggings, capris, and pants are all suitable as long as they are comfortable, breathable, and let you move freely without chafing.
  • Standing on your head calls for form-fitting tops that won't act as a blindfold every time you're upside down!
  • Cozy yoga sweaters, cardigans, or hoodies keep you warm while you're cooling down after class.
  • A breathable yoga hat keeps your hair under control during class and lets you look as cool as you feel.
  • Accessories to your workout apparel include headbands, socks, and gloves. 

What To Look For When Choosing Yoga Clothing

When you're learning new yoga poses, you don't want to be hindered by clothes that are either too tight or too loose or just plain uncomfortable. Instead, you want yoga clothes that fit properly and are comfortable no matter in what position you may find yourself.

The material yoga clothes are made from should be breathable, moisture-wicking, and flexible enough for you to move freely. After all, the instructor will be challenging you enough. You don't need the extra challenge of clothing that just isn't fit for yoga duty!

Athleisure clothing is both regular clothing and yoga apparel since it's fashionable and functional. It lets you move seamlessly between a yoga class, the grocery store, and parent-teacher meetings. 

We offer nearly endless variety in our yoga clothing and apparel collections. Add interest and excitement to your workout with variations of color and pattern when you shop for yoga clothes from Gaiam.


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