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Workshops & Staff Development

Elana Fertig’s reputation as the go-to professional for staff development in Jewish early childhood education is widespread and well earned. Since 2003, whether presenting in person or online, Elana’s workshops and seminars have been known as a reliable source for ideas and inspiration. The novel programming and enriching activities she presents are guaranteed to energize teachers and boost the level of excitement of any pre-school program. Here are a few of Elana's most recent workshops:

“Mastering the Secrets of Multi-Sensory Education”

Experience science like never before during this exciting and eye opening workshop guaranteed to provide a wealth of cost-effective and age and developmentally appropriate ideas for setting a foundation for science in pre-school education.

?Centered on Parsha Hashavua and the Yomim Tovim, this workshop will do more than provide ideas, but guide ou to a new way of thinking that will supercharge your science and multi-sensory curriculum

“Middos, Mitzvos, and Mindfulness”

The concept of mindfulness means being present in the moment and noticing the world around us. This innovative workshop will guide early childhood educators in mastering the art mindfulness in ways that instill in students a sense of excitement about Mitzvos and Middos, and pride in being Jewish.

These lessons apply throughout the year, and center on an understand that the core concept behind mindfulness is an original Torah concept of Kavana.

?Learn how to teach specific Mitzvot and Middot using art, math, literacy, and writing, and how to guide the children to notice Hashem's amazing world, and feel gratitude for the many blessing they have.

“Infusing the Ruach in Your School"

Based on Elana Fertig’s classic early childhood curriculum handbook, “INFUSING THE RUACH IN YOUR SCHOOL”, this workshop will guide teachers and directors on how to introduce scores of exciting ideas, hands-on activities, and multi-sensory programs to help teach Parsha, Yom Tov, Middos, Mitzvos and More.

?The workshop also includes an expanded session on public relations to help promote your school and its accomplishments, including how to write small articles and picture captions for school newsletters or community newspapers


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