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  • Ross Ramon

    "Clear and easy to follow steps. Thank you. I will give workshops again after many years. As a teacher for more than 20 years, I still find it surprising that the key to success is organization and preparation, no matter how much the times change."..." more

  • Pearl Igho

    "Most times I plan my workshop in a hurry at the last minute, which does make me to forget a lot of things. Sometimes I skip procedures, and that can lead to my being upset all through the training. With this article, I can remember everything."..." more

  • Susan Greenhalgh

    "I needed to prepare for my first workshop as a financial coach, and voila, wikiHow has just the common-sense, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction available. I love the simplicity of it, especially the part about being prepared! Thank you!"..." more

  • Nduka Okaro

    "It provides tips on the simple things that we easily neglect, but may affect the workshop mood and outcome. I had a situation where the equipment was not tested before the workshop, that alone cost us 15 minutes off the start time."..." more

  • M. R.

    "I have an opportunity to present ideas for teaching workshops in my community. This is my dream and the reason I chose my major in Health, Society and Populations. This information gave me a jumping off point. Thanks! "..." more

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  • Nevo Burrell

    "Having a contingency plan for equipment malfunction and extra materials for accelerated learners. Arrive early to set up room and test equipment. Run through presentation for clarity."..." more

  • Berny Mann

    "I have wanted to write a workshop for a long time, but had no template for even starting it. This gives me a great starting point for the workshop. Thank you very much."..." more

  • Aisha Omar

    "It gave me some good insights on how to do a workshop. I am not as nervous as I was. I know how to start and key points and references. Thank you."..." more

  • Charlotte Kilminster

    "Very easy-to-follow layout, short and to the point, but also very descriptive. I don't feel you left anything out. Thank you for a great article!"..." more

  • Yolanda Dragon

    "I found the straightforward guidance of this article quite helpful in outlining the content and logistics to create a workshop."..." more

  • Abeer Alsawalim

    "I like the presentation of your subject and the combination of pictures with the topics, which makes the input comprehensible."..." more

  • Sandra Brown

    "It has provided a focused, very linear set of suggestions that I am confident will help me create an engaging presentation."..." more

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  • Ines De Guzman

    "I am preparing for a free workshop for teachers, and I got important tips on how to make it successful. Thank you!"

  • Cassie Jordan

    "Confirmed in better detail all that I needed to do and how to plan my outline for my upcoming workshop."

  • Basil Anfuso

    "This article helps me draw up an outline for my presentation and then I can fill in the blanks."

  • Phyllis McCaul

    "This is written in simple language and the format is ease to follow. Pictures are nice also."

  • Jeanne B. Hughes

    "The information helped me cover all the bases. I feel more confident about my presentation."

  • Wawira

    "Very helpful article, presented in a simplified and articulated manner. Thank you."

  • Nathan Wodada

    "The article greatly helped me to understand how to develop a workshop plan."

  • Yohen Carlos

    "Helped me identify what to do in a systematic yet simple manner."

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  • Sapphire Wilson

    "Understanding the elements needed for a successful workshop."

  • Sharifah Ali

    "Great practical suggestions are provided in this article!"

  • SandRa Timmins

    "Very clear and concise for a complete newbie like me!"

  • Sumlut Gam Maw

    "Good. Your article helped me support my dissertation."

  • Ashafa Abubakar

    "It guides me towards the workshop I'm organizing."

  • Calum Mack

    "Simple advice for beginners upward."

  • Somayyeh Ariyanfar

    "It was clear and to the point."

  • Steve Tony

    "Very helpful to me. Thanks."

  • Nikil Varma

    "Great Job. I loved it."

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