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because I would like to plant a seed in your heart and mind with the gift that my Heavenly Father has given me.

He’s called and gifted me to be a mentor, teacher, trainer – and to pass on my skills to others.

Throughout my life, I have received from others in many ways. In these days, Ruach Holy Spirit is opening doors so that I will be able to give back to my community.  I now belong to a community of skilled, gifted and knowledgeable seniors. We will be mentoring and training  other generations with Holy Spirit excellence to transform lives for HIS KINGDOM.

Our Heavenly Father is able to do exceedingly above what we could ask or imagine with a seed. I have written my first three-part series book and am planting it as a seed. I need others to help water that seed, and then, together we will trust our Eternal Father to make it grow supernaturally.

Now he who plants and he who waters work as one, but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor.
1 Corinthians 3:8 (TLV)


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