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Drink yo your Health

RAIN SOUL is a ready-to-drink energy and health supplement drink by Rain International.

This proprietary drink is prepared with a blend of awesome natural seeds extract and components – black cumin seeds, raspberry seeds, chardonnay grape seeds and D-ribose.

Soul is a delicious seed-based blend , packed with Antioxidant, Anit-Aging  and Anti-Inflammatory benefits


With the creation of Soul, a new health category was introduced: seed-based nutrition. Along with the creation of this new category, combinations of health benefits became available that were never conceived before. Our seed-based supplements are potent, natural sources of nutrition that don’t include the potentially harmful or useless fillers that are found in pills, capsules, extracts, oils, etc.


Rain’s ingredients are non-genetically modified organisms. This means that their DNA hasn’t been altered in a lab to include pesticides or other harmful additives. Our nutrition is pure and completely natural, just as nature intended.

What Can Rain Soul Do?

  • Weak errection 
  • Libido 
  • Face care 
  • Cancer 
  • Diabetes 
  • Infertility problem 
  • Infection 
  • Low sparm count 
  • Skin care products 
  • Sickle cell 
  • Immune booster 
  • Aleges 
  • Arthritis 
  • Fibroid etc 

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Core is Rain International’s second revolutionary product. It contains high-quality, dense nutrition in a compact, one ounce packet. Core includes some of the earth’s greatest greens and seeds, each with their own clinical reputation for improving health functions, cleansing, and detoxifying. Our synergistic formulation also provides nearly all essential vitamins and minerals. This is a super-food at its super best.*

Scientists all over the world have studied and discovered the benefits of Core’s ingredients. These studies have continued, and more benefits continue to be unearthed. For example, Silymarin, a compound found in the milk thistle seed in Core, is so beneficial that some companies base their entire supplement line on it. We know that many nutrients are better than one. We understand that the strength in numbers effect also applies to human health. This makes our customers more healthy, happy, and loyal.

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