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WHY RUACH?  RUACH in Hebrew means "SPIRIT".   
This site is dedicated to our special programming that meets the needs of spiritual communities.  
(If you are looking for our The Levins website,  then tap on THE LEVINS FOLK from the menu above.)

"The Levins' music is a reflection of our collective spiritual roots and tends to lean towards being uplifting, healing and unifying.  The music, as well as storytelling (with accompaniment), make an inspiring addition to your services, festivals or community/family events.  We offer concerts for all ages, services and song leading, singing storytellings, artists in residence etc.  We enjoy tailoring our programs to the needs or themes of the events or community.

Check out our calendar, join us if you are nearby or invite us into your community!  

Many blessings, Ira and Julia  / The Levins

"We had the Levins play at a service last year, and loved them so much that we invited them back. The Levins lifted everyone up with their beautiful music and buoyant presence. They are experienced song leaders for the service as well as talented, inspirational musicians and composers. After the service, Julie and Ira even led a nostalgic sing-along during the Oneg Shabbat. They always give more than expected and are a delight to work with." Rabbi Julie Dannan, Pleasantville Community Synagogue,(NY)

The Levins are more than prayer leaders and musicians. They are enablers for the Tefilah experience which moves beyond the words.  At each Shabbat Eve service, congregants come thirty minutes early to listen and to sing with The Levins, in order to spiritually prepare for prayer. They are a wonderful component of our Sabbath Experience. I, We, are blessed by their presence. “

-Rabbi Fred Pomerantz/ Congregation Agudas Achim- Livingston Manor, NY 

“Ira Levin is a master story teller, songleader and musician. His level of creativity and professionalism sets a standard for informal Jewish worship. He has served as a family service leader at my synagogue for five years to universal acclaim, and if I had a full-time position for him I'd hire him in a heartbeat.” -Rabbi David Adelson/ East End Temple-New York, New York

"Thank you for such an amazing concert. You kept the house rocking all morning long with your energetic music and lush harmonies. I was most amazed that you could engage an audience of such a wide age range- we laughed, we sang, we ALL had a great time!" Cantor S.Hummel, The Santa Monica Synagogue (CA)

" The Levins music speaks the universal language of hope and compassion."Serge Kozlovsky, Radio Magico, Belarus

“I want to convey the elements of a good service, give them a good feeling, and create a community” Levin says of his approach, and based on my son’s request Sunday morning to go back to temple, I’d say it’s working.   Brian Glaser/ Barista Kids


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