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An Engineer's View of AppSec


An Engineer's View of AppSec

In this new blog article, our Application Security Engineer, Alina, gives us a unique insight into the world of AppSec and how it fits into the skillset of a modern software engineer. This article is for anyone who wants to get a comprehensive overview about this fascinating area!We Love Languages!


We Love Languages!

It’s European Day of Languages on 26th September and we decided to mark the occasion with a more international and inclusive twist.Designing for errors. How to avoid frustrating experiences


Designing for errors. How to avoid frustrating experiences

It’s relatively easy to design for ideal scenarios where people use devices and systems as intended. But errors happen, and the real challenge comes when users get into trouble. Our UX Designer, Yolanda, shares some pearls of wisdom on how to design products and services that handle problems and create stress-free user experiences.The value of white space in design


The value of white space in design

Quantum physicists often say that empty space has more energy than everything in the universe. Similarly, our UI Designer, Andrzej, highlights the key role that white space plays in interface design. In this article, he demonstrates how it helps to declutter surfaces, ease cognitive load, and provide website and app users with the right balance of visual clarity

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