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Brigitte on the road...

Brigitte is the creator of the yoga method named Restorative Alignment. As an international teacher, she brings her teachings and insights to yoga studios and schools around the world.

Restorative Yoga Workshop in Harlingen, Texas
Yoga Center Harlingen, Texas 

These presentations include one-day seminars and longer intensives on a variety of subjects. They are geared for different levels: basic and introductory, more advanced, and special subjects for yoga teachers and teachers-in-training.

Join Brigitte at a special workshop near you, or if there is none in your neighborhood you might like to host her at your yoga school.

Restorative Alignment

Lots of movements in our daily lives happen mechanically, without any awareness. For that reason they are vulnerable to unconscious stress, often manifested thru postural preferences. In Restorative Alignment we look for limitations in the body and in the mind.

Restorative yoga seminar in Mexico City
Kendra Yoga, Mexico City 

There is often a confrontation with unpleasant sensations. Stiff muscles hurt while stretching, mobilizing discs, vertebrae and articulations can be painful. Letting go of tension can be as difficult as using strength. Observing this process without reacting is the meditative part of Restorative Alignment.
Mobility is flexibility in the joints, spine and in the muscles that move the body. When muscles are rigid, joints can not move, when joints are rigid muscles can not do their job. Different parts of the body have to communicate; a chain of movements where small movements can be transmitted has to be formed to create a total movement. With the use of tools we can release the obstructions in the chain of movement. We can create alignment in the spine and mobility in different parts of the body to learn to practice with a dynamic but relaxed balance.

Workshop & Seminar Calendar

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"In June last year I hosted a workshop with Brigitte at my studio in Adegem, Belgium. I have huge admiration for her and the road she has walked to this very moment. Brigitte's way of teaching is clear and also very personal; even though the group was big, everyone received attention, to the smallest details.
This workshop has not only changed me as a yoga teacher, but has also changed me personally. In 2007 I started practicing yoga because of the chronic neck pain I had after suffering a serious car accident in 2002 (two of the intervertebral disks in my neck have almost completely disappeared). Until June 2016, pre-BackMitra, I practiced lots of yoga but the pain persisted. I also experienced numbness in my right arm, hand and fingers. Since I started using the BackMitra these complaints have all but disappeared.
I share this experience on a daily basis and the BackMitra became an integral part of the classes I teach at my studio Puur-Yoga.
A large number of my students have started using it at home. Many students with chronic complaints have even received confirmation from their chiropractor that the condition of their back has improved greatly since they started with yoga and the BackMitra."
-- Isabel Dobbelaere, Puur-Yoga, Belgium


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