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This my first r/religion post so please take it easy on me here. I will be as direct as possible in my theory. Please refrain from commenting on any grammatical errors as this will not be subject to academic review. I would like to begin by making a few points you will need in order to clearly understand my post:

  1. I refer to what English calls God as YHVH (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey). This is the spelling of Elohim's (a Hebrew title often used in reference to YHVH implying, 'all' powerful, hence the plurality) name as written in the Hebrew scriptures. I believe His name is extremely important. Why? Well, if you believe in spirits, then you should aspire to know and call out to the only name that matters. "Well, He knows my heart so he hears". Really? If my friends continually called me Jeff because they never cared or sought to know my name, I think I would question the validity of our friendship. I'm Just giving you food for thought, that's all. While subject matter experts have been unable to agree with certainty as to the correct pronunciation of His name, I currently use Yahveh. Through copious amounts of reading and research, I have discovered that Yah, the pronunciation of the first two letters of His name, has been universally accepted. So as we continue to seek Him with all our hearts, I believe we will be gifted with the knowledge to know His name.

  2. I refer to what English calls Jesus as Yahshua (translated as Yahveh's Salvation). If you have gotten this far, then you know my spiel on the whole calling out to the correct spirit's name ordeal.

  3. I am not a Trinitarian nor do I accept the doctrines of men; as a reference to the creation of the Trinity as orthodoxy at the Council of Nicaea. I will begin by emphasizing that I remained objective during my years of research and that I am presenting this as a method of "fishing" for others with similar beliefs, not proselytizing.

  4. I am not a prophet. I aspire to be above all else, but I have not been sent in the power of the Rucah Hakodesh (YHVH's Spirit or Breath) to proclaim the gospel. So while Hashem ( Another Hebrew title for YHVH meaning The Name) can speak through anyone, I encourage you to reflect on my writings and challenge them against the scriptures.

I believe every man and woman comes to a time in their life where they question their purpose. This question can lead to a plethora of journeys in which mankind has sought to gain meaning and fulfillment. I think most of us can agree that as we bring these journeys to fruition, we often question the validity of the journey in the first place. "Did it fill the void I sought to fill?", I can recall myself saying at numerous times throughout my life in search of purpose. I can now soundly and confidently say that the journey to find meaning and purpose in life, when sought through the lens of a higher power (i.e. Religion), is a consuming fire. It can create deep and meaningful conversations that engage every area of the human psyche. It is no surprise that many of the elite civilizations (Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, etc.) have sought to uncover the true power of the universe. To put it frankly, it's riveting stuff.

As promised, I will be as direct as possible in my theory. Obviously by now, you have put together that I enjoy setting the stage for these types of conversations. While I have dedicated a majority of my post-college adult life to diligently seeking truth through the Old and New Testament, I must make it clear that I do not have a theology degree. I currently work as an IT auditor for a health insurance company which provided me with the opportunity to develop a unique set of skills to objectively approach a control environment and test samples against established policies and procedures. Basically, if you say A must happen before B, then I haphazardly select samples from a population and ensue this happens. If it does, Pass, if not, Fail. Get it? Good. I now hope you can see how these skills would be useful for taking scripture and corroborating it against scripture to ensure an accurate understanding of His word.

"So get to the point already", ok, ok, here it is:

I believe that YHVH Elohim, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is ONE (Deuteronomy 6:4). No, not three eternally existent beings that function as One or any other random and impossible mathematical equation you can create to have Father, Son and Holy Spirit as three-in-one. Whew, I said it, and even to the world?! My heart rate is slightly elevated haha.

  • I am already reading r/Christians answers fictitiously in my head about how we can't understand his supremacy and power and to just leave it at that and trust Jesus. First, the scriptures were divinely inspired not for us to scratch our heads at, but to understand Hashem Elohim and fear and revere Him. If you do not fear Him, then you lack Wisdom and Knowledge (Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 9:10, Psalms 111:10). This fear and reverence of Hashem has been plastered through out all the scriptures and can not be denied.

Now back to my main argument. Genesis starts with two spiritual beings: YHVH Elohim and YHVH's Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of YHVH). Not a single Jew on the planet will deny that there are two separate entities in play during the creation of the heavens and the earth. Not a single Christian will deny this theory either. However, we are given the greatest depiction of who these two beings are when YHVH Elohim says " Let us make man in our image" He is giving this to show us and teach us about the two and only two beings that matter in the entire salvation story that is the Old and New Testement: YHVH Elohim, whose image is represented in man and His Ruach HaKodesh, whose image is represented by woman. How? First, Man is made. Second, from man Hashem makes woman, for she was made out of man (same essence). To relate this even further to Mankind, YHVH is masculine (i.e. man) and Ruach is feminine (i.e. woman).

  • I will pause for a moment and clarify something. Humans are created beings. YHVH Elohim is NOT. We know this because we are told it through scripture countless times. No further thought is required about creation of man and woman other than YHVH Elohim was creating them in His image to teach us about His image. This can not be denied.

So, why was this image given? I want you to imagine the commonly accepted Father Elohim and Son Elohim concept. You and I have fathers. We can't be created without them - please hold back your science. I now want you to read Proverbs 8, yes the whole thing. If you just cant do it, here is the section I want you to focus on (Proverbs 8:22-25):

“The Lord possessed me at the beginning of His way,
Before His works of old.
23 “From everlasting I was established,
From the beginning, from the earliest times of the earth.
24 “When there were no depths I was brought forth, - This term "Brought Forth" is translated Begotten
and means to be born.
When there were no springs abounding with water.
25 “Before the mountains were settled,
Before the hills I was brought forth;

So this firstborn being established from times of old and at the beginning of YHVH Elohim's way, who is it? I think you know. It's the Ruach Hakodesh. You go right ahead and google as much as you can about how YHVH Elohim made the heavens and the earth and all its host and it leads to the following:

Through His word, wisdom, knowledge, insight, power, etc. These all refer to YHVH's Ruach HaKodesh:

  • Proverbs 3:19 - "The LORD (YHVH) by wisdom founded the earth, By understanding He established the heavens."

  • **Psalm 104:24 - "**How many are Your works, O LORD! In wisdom You have made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures."

  • Psalm 136:5 - To Him that by wisdom made the heavens: for His mercy endures for ever.

  • Jeremiah 10:12 - "It is He who made the earth by His power, Who established the world by His wisdom; And by His understanding He has stretched out the heavens."

  • Psalm 33:6 - "By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host."

  • Psalm 104:30 - "When You send Your Spirit, they are created, and You renew the face of the earth."

So I will do my absolute best to summarize everything His word has shown us thus far:

  1. YHVH Elohim has no start date. He is eternal. He is the source and sole entity responsible for the creation of all things. There is no god before Him, for He is the only Elohim.

  2. The firstborn of all creation is His Ruach Hakodesh. His Holy Spirit. While spirits don't have gender, I will connect that this firstborn being is the Word that took on flesh and dwelt with man (John 1). Think to John 17:5 when Yahshua says - "Now, Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was. Refer to the Proverbs 8 to refresh your memory. Also, Colossians 1:15 - "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation."

  3. When YHVH Elohim speaks, His words and commands go out and accomplish what He has sent them to do. Genesis 1:3 - “Then Elohim said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light”. It is His Ruach (Spirit or Breath) that does this and finds its delight in the sons of men. Proverbs 8 - "Rejoicing in the world, His earth, And having my delight in the sons of men."

  4. His word or Ruach HaKodesh is the spirit that visited the prophets and is the spirit that we must be indwelt with in these last days. For the flesh profits nothing, but we must be born of His Ruach HaKodesh. The same one that took on flesh and dwelt with man and taught us concerning the word of YHVH Elohim. Isaiah 11:2 - "The Spirit of the LORD will rest on Him, The spirit of wisdom and understanding, The spirit of counsel and power, The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD."

I understand this is a lot of information, and trust me when I say that I have far more. In conclusion, I have come to dismiss the Trinity as false. I have come to dismiss any form of dual godship (i.e. Father/Son as eternally existent and ruling as one) as false and I believe in a sole monotheistic YHVH Elohim and trust in Yahshua Hamashiach as the man indwelt with the Ruach Hakodesh and the fulfillment of Isaiah. I believe we too must be born of the Ruach HaKodesh as well to inherit the Kingdom of Elohim.


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