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Our Mission

To provide first responders and military personnel with traditional yoga training that is culturally informed and job specific for the purposes of effectively processing stress, building resilience, and enhancing performance.

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Tactical Training 


YogaShield® Yoga For First Responders® (YFFR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing yoga training that is job specific and culturally informed. The techniques and drills taught using YFFR’s unique protocol trains in a skill set for: 

  • Processing the inevitable stress of a career in emergency services

  • Building mental, physical, and emotional resilience

  • Enhancing optimal levels of job performance from decision making to tactical skills


YogaShield Yoga For First Responders builds elite Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Telecommunicators, and military members for a long, survivable, and rewarding career. YFFR ensures the long-term sustainability of our classes and trainings in department and academy settings through systematic programming that is operationally sound.

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With two different training levels, learn YFFR’s unique and effective Protocol for yourself and how to deliver it to your local first responders and military.

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In-Service Training

YFFR in-service training has been used by departments and agencies to fulfill ongoing training requirements

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Training Demo Workshop

Tailored Training Demos are great for agencies or departments evaluating how to officially implement a YFFR program.

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Recruit Academies

Official training curriculum for recruit training academies. A YFFR certified Ambassador provides consistent, structured, rigorous academy-style classes

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Department Programs

Official training curriculum for active members of fire, police, jail-based law-enforcement, EMS, or dispatch departments.

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YFFR certified Ambassadors represent YFFR at events to provide a culturally informed, job-specific introduction to yoga, mindfulness, and resilience, making it clear how YFFR Protocol trains well-rounded, elite and survivable responders who operate at optimal levels of performance when the pressure is on.

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What people are saying

“Some individuals may see yoga as a female-only practice, which clashes with the male-dominated environment. If they think you are doing “easy” workouts like yoga, they may assume you can’t handle the intense physical requirements of their jobs. YFFR works to combat these concerns.  YFFR looks at the WHY behind yoga, which is vital for Type-A personalities. The science behind YFFR goes a long way to show first responders why yoga is much more than just about flexibility.”

-Amber Diagostine  |  Denver Public Safety 911 Dispatcher


Yoga for first responders

Yoga for first responders

Yoga Helps First Responders Do Their Job Better

Yoga Helps First Responders Do Their Job Better

What is Yoga For First Responders?

What is Yoga For First Responders?

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