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Take the 6-week online yoga teacher training focused on teaching yoga to people in non-traditional yoga bodies.



Diverse Yoga class featuring bigger bodies and women of colorYoga for people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. As a yoga teacher, you want to make your classes a wonderful experience for every student that walks through your door. The last thing you want to do is make a student feel frustrated, singled out, or ashamed on their yoga mat.

But sometimes, that’s exactly what happens.

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Yoga in a larger body

Larger-bodied and differently-abled students often leave yoga feeling frustrated. Maybe the teacher didn’t know how to modify poses, forcing the student to squeeze, stumble, and crunch themselves into the pose. Maybe the teacher just ignored the student, leaving them feeling invisible.

Or worse, maybe the teacher singled the student out and offered modifications that implied the student wasn’t doing “real yoga.”

Amber Karnes and Dianne Bondy in tree pose.

Meet Dianne and Amber

We are two yoga teachers in larger bodies. We know what it’s like to be the largest student in a class! We’ve both been singled out, shamed for our size, and made to feel less-than. We never want that to happen to your students.

That’s why we created Yoga for All, an online yoga certification for teachers who want to teach adaptive and accessible yoga.

  • Become a body positive yoga teacher. Become a more inclusive yoga teacher and make a big impact on your students. Learn the skills and strategies needed to help your students break free from limiting thoughts and attitudes toward their bodies.
  • Hone your language and communication skills. Learn to guide and cue students through truly inclusive yoga classes where no yogi left behind.
  • Learn accessible, body-positive yoga sequencing. Design classes that support and challenge students of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Expand your knowledge of modifications and adjustments that accommodate and support your students.
  • Expand your market and find new students. By completing this online teacher training, you’ll gain the skills, confidence and expertise required to teach yoga to non-traditional students who are eager to experience the benefits of this practice.
  • Shift consciousness and spread love. Students in non-traditional yoga bodies are overwhelmed by a culture that fails to celebrate diversity or offer a safe and sacred place for compassionate self-exploration. Start using your yoga as a tool for shifting consciousness and share the message that everybody is beautiful, capable and deserving of a healthy, happy life.

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Yoga For All has not only helped me understand what it’s
like doing yoga in a bigger body, but I can use pose
variations with people who have injuries. This training
really helped me fill in the gaps where I was not feeling as
confident—teaching modifications. I no longer have to feel
nervous when a bigger bodied woman or someone who
has an injury walks into my class.
~Ashley Looker

Registration opens in April 2021

Enrollment is open for one week only, closing at Midnight on September 21st
Cost of the course is $547 USD

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4 Key strategies for Yoga Teachers and Students
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