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12/29/2010 Alia Meira

V’Ruach nachon chadaysh b’kirbi
A Spirit of Yes Hebrew text
Renew within me a Spirit of “Yes!” (Psalm 51:12)

The ruach nachon that I’m in need of renewing is the remembrance of the “rightness” of the reality before me. When my spirit can fully agree to and accept “what is,” then I am empowered to rest in the truth of this moment and walk through the doors of transformation that open. I need this renewal because I sometimes fight with the truth of “what is” and that is an exhausting and losing battle. (Inwardly I say, “Oh, no! I don’t like what this is.” And I can get stuck there in my “oh, no!”) When the spirit of “Yes” is renewed in me, I lean into the mystery of this moment and look for the doors of opportunity and transformation that open in response to my curiosity, and in response to my agreement to accept the challenge of my Life.

To hear the various parts of the chant, use the audio players. To download a part, right-click a note and save (or download) the linked MP3 file.

To download the PDF file for this chant, click A Spirit of Yes PDF. For the musical notation, see The Magic of Hebrew Chant, page 291.

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