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Adding disposable paper placemats to your tables keeps them clean and gives a finished look to your dining room. When a customer sees a fresh placemat and a flatware set on the table, they know the table is clean and ready for the next guest. Printed placemats also provide a little entertainment while guests wait for their food.

Customizable placemats can be printed with your logo, coupons, or ads for local businesses. Or choose from our preprinted placemats that feature interesting facts, recipes, and games. If you’d like a placemat to match your dining room, we carry many different colors and border styles.

Using disposable place mats is a convenient way to limit the crumbs and spills that are left behind on the dining table when a guest leaves. It takes less time to wipe down the table surface when the placemats can be removed and tossed in the trash. Guests also like to see a clean placemat at their seat so they know the table is ready. You can complete your table settings with other items, like paper napkins and coffee mugs. Looking to add your logo on placemats? Check out our custom paper placemats!

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