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developing the next generation of contemporary Jewish Music.

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Expert Music Production
In-Person or Remote Recording
Virtual Choir/Ensemble Videos

All you need for a top-notch single, album, or video


Social Media Management
Website Creation
Press Releases

Get your music distributed and promoted

artist management

Songwriting Consultations
Educational Workshops
Networking Opportunities

All from mentors experienced in the Jewish music industry



This is my first album. What should I know before I decide to record?

There’s a lot that goes into making an album: writing the songs, finding a producer, booking a studio, hiring musicians to play on your songs, finding someone to mix the tracks, then someone to master the final product. Then once the recording is complete, you need to create album cover art, register and digitally distribute your music, and release your album in a way that maximizes audience growth.

Phew! That’s exhausting. Luckily, with Kosher Style Records, all you have to do is write the songs (and we can help with that too, if you like). We take care of the rest.

How much does it cost to produce a song, album, or virtual choir/ensemble video with KSR?

Pricing varies depending on the type of recording, what goes into it, etc. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll put together a detailed proposal that includes all costs.

How many songs should I be recording?

It totally depends on you! You could record a single, an EP (typically 3-5 songs), or an album (typically 7-14 songs). If you’re not sure, set up a consultation with us to discuss your goals.

Do I have to record in Los Angeles?

While Kosher Style Records is based in Los Angeles, that does not mean that you have to live in or fly to L.A. to record with us. Modern recording technology makes it simple for you to record in one city and for us to produce from another.  We can find you an engineer to work with in just about any city in the world for you to record your vocals, or if you have your own recording setup at home, we can even engineer your vocals remotely!  And if you choose to come to L.A. in person (which is preferred) we can help arrange your travel and accommodations. 

I have a laptop and GarageBand. What do I need a music producer for?

An experienced music producer can bring many valuable skills to your project besides just pressing “record” in the studio. 

We can help you:
Polish your song prior to recording
Create a beautiful arrangement or orchestration for it
Coach you on your best vocal performance, and Hebrew pronunciation 
Find world-class musicians to play on your project
Keep you on task and — importantly — on budget throughout the recording process
Edit, tune, and perfect all the audio
Mix and master your song until you are 100% satisfied with it

I’m proud of my music but don’t know how to get it out into the world. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! We are a full-service record label, and we offer three tiers of marketing services that you can opt in on when you record music with us. You can see what we provide here. 

Do you only record Jewish music? What is Jewish music anyway?

Jewish music can have a very broad definition, but we think of it as any music that is inspired by or relates to Jewish texts, concepts, philosophies, culture, or serves a Jewish function (i.e. prayer, Jewish ritual, etc.) 

That being said, while Jewish music is our passion and specialty, we produce all kinds of music. Whether you’re a Jewish musician, a musician who happens to be Jewish, or not Jewish at all, Kosher Style is here for you! At the end of the day, music is a universal language .

What is the best mic to record with at home?

We have a whole blog post on this! Check it out here. 

The Team



Josh Goldberg is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer. After the success of his first self-produced album ONE, Josh received requests to produce other emerging artists in the Jewish music world, which led to the launch of Kosher Style Records. Since then he has produced over 20 artists as well as his second album of Jewish music, Anchors & Balloons. In addition to touring and producing, Josh is studying to be a cantor at the Academy for Jewish Religion, California.

Keith Armstrong


Keith Armstrong is a Grammy-nominated mixer, engineer, and producer. Armstrong has 25+ years of industry experience, including over a decade as mix assistant to Chris Lorde-Alge at Mix LA, where he eventually became Chief Engineer.  At his studio Pie Town Sound he works with clients ranging from international pop acts to local indie artists, and has mix expertise across genres, including film scores, rock, pop, folk, reggae and R&B.

Ellie Flier


Ellie Flier first joined Kosher Style Records as one of its first artists when she recorded her debut Jewish album Pray for Open Eyes in 2017. Now fresh off receiving her master’s degree in communication management where she researched contemporary Jewish music marketing, Ellie was brought onto the team to expand the Kosher Style brand and provide marketing assistance to artists. At home in Nashville, Ellie co-founded and runs Jewsic City Shabbat, an alternative musical Shabbat experience for young professionals.

Andrea Goldberg


Andrea Goldberg knows the importance of the visual medium when it comes to the music industry. As Kosher Style’s official Video Editor, she has directed music videos and compiled live “quarantine” videos (link to blog post). When she’s not manning the video editing desk of KSR, Andrea works as the Director of Programs at IKAR, a spiritual community in Los Angeles.

Andrew Goldstein


Andrew Goldstein also began his career at Kosher Style Records as an artist, recording two singles, one of which earned a spot in the exclusive Ruach 5779 album. He was also a finalist in Jewish Rock Radio’s Jewish Star talent search, which allowed him to again record a song with KSR. Although only in high school, Andrew has a deep passion for Jewish music and a strong drive to learn more about the industry.

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