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Lectures will consist of two parts, Biblical Hebrew vocabulary and lessons and insights from the weekly Parashas (Torah portions). The quick answer to the question, “What are weekly Parashas?” is “It’s the Torah Portion of the Week.”

The Torah (Hebrew for “the teachings”) is the name given to the Five Books of Moses which come at the very beginning of the Bible. Every lesson and principle found throughout scripture, has its roots in the Torah.

We go through the year, reading the entire Torah Scroll from end to end.  From the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Deuteronomy. The beginnings of this custom go back into the mists of history – we don’t know exactly when Jews began studying a regular portion of Torah each week, but all over the world, Jews continue to do it. Some do it alone, but more gather weekly in groups for “Parashat Hashavua study.”

As you go through the levels of Biblical Hebrew Academy Online, we will work through the weekly Parashas to uncover the deep truths of the word of God.


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