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Ana Davis lying on a peach coloured yoga mat in Constructive Rest position with knees bent and feet on the mat, with a yoga strap around her thighs and hands on lower belly

‘Pared Back Props’ Restorative Yoga Online Classes

Delicious Restorative Yoga classes especially designed with the use of minimal yoga props so that they are practices you can teach or do when you have limited availability to yoga props either in your home or your yoga studio.


Dark_Moon Classical Yoga for Menstruation Online Class

Dark Moon Classical Yoga Class for Menstruation

This Dark Moon Classical Yoga Class for Menstruation with Ana Davis is designed to soothe your womb, lower back pain, and menstrual cramps, particularly during the first days of bleeding.



Yoga for Miscarriage Online Class

A nurturing and restorative sequence for healing from miscarriage and pregnancy loss led by Ana Davis.


Bliss Baby Yoga Online Prenatal Restorative Yoga Class_LR

Prenatal Restorative Yoga Class

Join Ana Davis for a lusciously supportive prenatal restorative yoga class. See how Ana takes Sophie (27 weeks pregnant) through a series of postures and breathing practices that are especially beneficial for pregnancy.



Postnatal Restorative Yoga Class Bundle

Enjoy two therapeutic postnatal Restorative Yoga Classes—the Postnatal Restorative Class + Postnatal Heart Opener Restorative Class— at a discounted bundle price.


Bliss Baby Yoga Online Feminine Pawanmuktasana Yoga Class_

Feminine Pawanmuktasana Class

Ana Davis have adapted this classical sequence for the unique needs of the feminine-body to mobilise and free up energy in many of the major joints of the body.


Bliss Baby Yoga Prenatal Yoga Online Class

Prenatal Yoga Class

This film of one of Ana’s real-life prenatal classes features many of Ana’s Stabilising and Releasing postures. A valuable teaching resource for teachers of prenatal yoga, or the pregnant student may wish to practice along at home!


Mums and Bubs Yoga Class

See how a Mums n Bubs Yoga class can be conducted. Enjoy a ‘fly on the wall’ view of one of Ana's real-life classes for mothers and their babies.


Postnatal Heart-Opener Restorative Yoga Class with Ana Davis

This special postnatal restorative yoga class focuses on gently releasing and relaxing the target areas of neck, shoulders and upper back with what Ana Davis calls the “breastfeeding counter postures”.


Moving with the Moon Audio Tracks

Practise along with Ana Davis as she guides you through relaxing and healing meditations, visualisations, deep relaxation and breathing practices that are designed especially for each phase of your menstrual cycle.


Postnatal Restorative Yoga Class with Ana Davis

This restorative yoga class with Ana Davis is specially designed to support a new mother’s energy and physical needs.

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