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For your enlightenment please find listed below a glossary of words pertaining to YAHWEH’s Ruach Ha Kodesh.

Strong’s #3068 YHWH {ya-hweh}
YAHWEH = “the self existing One”
the proper name of the one true YAHWEH
We believe in the only MIGHTY ONE, the Creator of shamayim (heaven) and olam (earth) whose name is YHWH (YAHWEH).

Strong’s #3444 yshuw’ah {yesh-oo’-aw}
1) salvation, deliverance
1a) welfare, prosperity
1b) deliverance
1c) yeshua (by YAHWEH)
1d) victory
We believe that YAHSHUA HaMESSIYAH is THE BEN (the Son) of YHWH, THE HaMESSIYAH the ANOINTED ONE of YHWH, the Eternal One in Whom all the fullness of YHWH dwells in bodily form; HE is  the WORD of YHWH who was made flesh and lived among us, and we beheld HIS HONOR, the HONOR of the uniquely BEGOTTEN of YHWH, full of  UN-MERIT LOVE  and TRUTH.

Strong’s #1 ‘ab {awb} YAHWEH as father of his people

The true meaning of this word is “without sin”!
Hebrew word, Strong’s Concordance # 6918 meaning sacred, saint, set apart. (Strong’s # 6942 Qadash {kaw-dash’} to consecrate, sanctify, prepare, dedicate, be hallowed, be sanctified, be separate).
Commonly used as “holy” by the “religious” world.

Brought forward; cited; alleged in argument.

To render authentic; to give authority to, by the proof, attestation, or formalities, required by law, or sufficient to entitle to credit.

Strong’s Concordance #1285 briyth 1) covenant, alliance, pledge.
Commonly used as “Testament” by the “religious” world.

Comfort; alleviation of misery, or distress of mind; refreshment of mind or Ruach; a comparative degree of happiness in distress or misfortune

Unhurt; uninjured; unprofaned; unpolluted; unbroken.

Hebrew = “one from beyond”
1) a designation of the patriarchs and the Yisraelites

Jude of Hebrew origin Strong’s #3063 Yahudah = “YAHWEH praised”

Strong’s 4074 Petros  (Peter) – Kepha meaning “a rock or a stone”, was originally called Simon which means “hearer”.

priest – Strong’s #3548 kohen {ko-hane’} 

A prescribed form of public worship.


Hebrew word, Strong’s Concordance #4397 mal’ak {mal-awk’}  messenger, representative. (malakim is plural of malak)
Commonly used as “angel” by the “religious” world.

English Matthew – Strong’s #4993 Mattithyah  “gift of YAHWEH”

forgiveness, pardon

Hebrew word, Strong’s #7307 meaning wind, mind, breath.
We believe that the Ruach Haqadash indwells all true believers to lead, guide, teach, comfort, and empower us to live a righteous life in all THE TRUTH of YHWH.
Commonly used as “spirit” by the “religious” world.

One who separates from an established tabernacle or spiritual faith, on account of a diversity of opinions.

Strong’s #6944 qodesh {ko’-desh
1) apartness, separateness

Crafty, sly, not open or direct

Timothy meaning “honouring YAHWEH”

Isaiah – Strong’s 3470 Ysha’yah {yesh-ah-yaw’} or Ysha’yahuw {yesh-ah-yaw’-hoo} 
Isaiah  = “YAHWEH has saved”

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