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Sign up by Tuesday 16th June for a summer of connecting with RSY-Netzer. 

Ramah is the name for the Year 11 shichva (year group) internationally across Netzer (our worldwide movement) and means ‘hill’ in Hebrew. Meanwhile, Ruach means spirit, something we hope to bring to your summer! 


Generally speaking Ramah Ruach will be a 4 week online programme run to:

  1. Ensure that you all get your dose of RSY-Netzer summer – be that for the first time or as a regular part of your year!
  2. Help build community among your shichva! We will be creating mishpachot (“family” groups) to ensure that everyone has a consistent, smaller group to learn, process and laugh with. This will complement the wider, whole group experience perfectly!
  3. Have fun and learn with one another – our tochnit (programme) is FILLED with opportunities for creativity, conversation and informal education!

What will it look like? 


Ramah Ruach will run online every Monday to Thursday from 13th July, until we go out with a bang on Friday 7th August.

Day-to-day Breakdown: 

Mondays, 3pm-5pm*: It’s immersive RSY-Netzer time. Beginning with an Opening Tekkes (ceremony) and progressing into GTKY (getting to know you games), this is where you get to know everything RSY. Filled with informal education and reflection on topics such as Reform Judaism and Reform Zionism, some classic RSY-Netzer tefila (prayer) and much, MUCH more, it’s not one to miss! 

Tuesdays, 2pm-4pm*: Ready to learn some new skills? We thought so…because, it’s workshop time! We will be offering a range of professional-run, 4-week courses catered to everyone’s interests. Everyone will have a say in which course they do and, whether it’s coding or music that you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

Wednesdays, 2pm-4pm*: ‘Please can we live out RSYdeology on RSY-Netzer events?’ they asked. ‘Why of course!’ we answered. This is a pretty big deal – we’ve got Virtual Volunteering opportunities and education in the pipeline just for you! More details about how we can tikkun (repair) the olam (world) once you’ve signed up! (*cheeky spoiler alert*: hadracha (leadership) opportunities very much on the horizon!)

Thursdays, 7pm-9pm*: Some say it’s a classic, some say it’s the best thing about RSY, some say it’s the best thing in the world. That’s right, it’s Kef (fun) time! Expect the unexpected because we know how to do remote-kef right. 

Friday 7th August, 6pm-7pm*: We simply HAD to end our 4 week extravaganza with a Closing Tekkes and Kabbalat Shabbat Service together. Word on the street is, it’s going to be the most beautiful service of the year. But, guess you’ll have to sign up and see for yourself?

AND IN CASE THAT WASN’T ENOUGHT: We have LOADS of surprises in store – honestly, it’s almost TOO exciting to think about! To complement this fabulous tochnit we have heaps of creative, off screen, on screen and everything in between ideas to bring camp to you, literally! 

* Please note, that timings are subject to change however, we will aim to stick with the proposed times as much as possible.

Please bear in mind: We are prepared to adapt our plans to ensure that our summer programming is as engaging, fun and fruitful as possible. Ramah Ruach may evolve alongside government guidelines however, the ethos of community will remain. If you have any ideas you would like to share or further questions about our programme please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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