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Date and time: Wed, Nov 18, 2020, 5 to 6 pm Arabia Standard Time (UTC+3)

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An introduction to meditation and mindfulness with an overall focus on health and wellness.

This is a virtual event that will take place on November 18th, 5pm-6pm.

It is open to adults and children (children under 12 must have adult supervision).

The past year has been a challenging one. With all of the changes and adjustments we have had to make, we may have forgotten to take care of ourselves. As a response to these conditions, we have created an online space for people who want to reset and focus on personal wellness.

In this workshop, we want to introduce you to the idea of balancing the energy of “do-ing” with the energy of “be-ing”– and letting go of stress. You will learn to accept how you are feeling, and we will “check in” while following a guided breathing session to calm our nervous system and mental fluctuations.

Four Focuses:

  1. Mindfulness & Meditation
  2. Mindfulness Activity
  3. Sharing and Creating an Intention
  4. Guided Yoga Nidra session


  • Stress Relief
  • Calming the Sympathetic Nervous System
  • Better focus in our daily work and activities
  • Self Care/Healing
  • Inner Peace

About the Facilitator

Leelah is a Holistic Practitioner based in Ecuador and Dubai. She is a registered yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and continuing education trainer. Leelah was trained in the art of meditation in Rishikesh and Mysore, India, and is a graduate of Transformational Arts College in Toronto Canada, where she trained as a Reiki Practitioner and Sound Journey facilitator.

Leelah travels the world facilitating workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings and classes in public and private settings. In the past six years she has hosted various yoga and holistic lifestyle events around the world, as well as having attended a number of workshops and trainings with authentic and knowledgeable yoga teachers/masters.

Leelah is a child at heart. She enjoys connecting with mother earth, loves art, and self-expression through all mediums–especially photography, painting, poetry, and music. She is open and excited to connect and share her loving energy with the world, one-step forward at a time.

Leelah is located in Dubai, UAE, where she is hosting trainings, events, workshops, and classes. She is currently sharing her offerings online and joining forces to bring mindfulness and meditation into the workplace.


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