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Next In Colour is a ground-breaking creative initiative run by Colour Between the Lines (CBTL) a team of five African creative practitioners. Through various platforms we offer a network of support, vocational pathways and a collaborative working environment. We make space that reflects the communities we come from, and we are able to call our own, as well as ensuring that we continue to create a map for the next generations to come.

Respect | We believe that fairness and honesty is important to building transparency for reciprocal respect amongst ourselves, community, partners and peers. Taking accountability in delivering authenticity to our work that upholds personal and community integrity.

Wellbeing | We strive to centre self-care, in its various forms to build ongoing solidarity and awareness of how we can grow and reach our full potential. Allowing a willingness to learn but also looking after individual and collective wellbeing as a whole.

Communication | We know that clear communication is imperative to understanding and important to our interactions between ourselves and those who are in our presence. To be able to support one another we remind each other to listen and show empathy for better connections.

Passion | Our passion is driven by the determination and discipline we have practiced and gained through our lived experiences and professional development. This becomes our motivation to commit and continue to share knowledge, stories and culture.


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