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1 Morning Yoga Workout | Boho Beautiful

This morning yoga workout will wake you up by gently raising your heart rate while lengthening and strengthening your body from head to toe. Plus, it's quick enough to squeeze in before the day gets busy.

Rating: 177K likes

Views: 17MM

Time: 17 minutes

2 Total Body Yoga Workout | Fightmaster Yoga

Stretch and strengthen every part of your body in this 30-minute workout from Fightmaster Yoga.

Rating: 4.2K likes

Views: 140,798

Time: 30 minutes

3 Yoga for Complete Beginners | Yoga With Adriene

Total yoga newbie? Adriene from Yoga with Adriene has you covered with this workout designed specifically for first-timers.

Rating: 323K likes

Views: 23.6MM

Time: 23 minutes

4 Ease Into It | Yoga With Adriene

If your workout mood is more "balance" than "burn," this flow is for you.

Rating: 190K likes

Views: 19MM

Time: 35 minutes

5 Yoga for Weight Loss | Yoga With Adriene

Get your heart rate up and your core muscles firing with this 38-minute practice intended to help you burn calories.

Rating: 64K likes

Views: 8MM

Time: 38 minutes

6 Morning Total Body Yoga Burn Workout | Daily Dose

Own your morning with this supercharged flow intended to rev your heart rate and kickstart your metabolism.

Rating: 8.9K likes

Views: 536,838

Time: 60 minutes

7 After Workout Yoga | Boho Beautiful

This short flow is the perfect length for adding into another workout or after a tough class when you need some extra time to stretch and recover.

Rating: 15K likes

Views: 1.5MM

Time: 8 minutes

8 30-Minute Power Vinyasa Flow with Briohny Smyth | Alo Yoga

This power vinyasa flow from Alo Moves will challenge your stamina, strength, and flexibility while opening up your hips and front of the body.

Rating: 15K likes

Views: 1.1MM

Time: 30 minutes

9 10-Minute Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch | Yoga with Kassandra

Use this quick flow to wake up your total body or as a post-workout cooldown.

Rating: 89K likes

Views: 4.4MM

Time: 10 minutes

10 20-Minute Full Body Yoga Stretch | SaraBeth Yoga

When you need a deeper stretch, this video helps you focus on flexibility and lengthening out from head to toe.

Rating: 18K likes

Views: 1MM

Time: 20 minutes

11 Yoga for Anxiety and Stress | Yoga with Adriene

This yoga sequence will help you relax as you connect your breathe to asanas intended to help you cultivate calm.

Rating: 49K likes

Views: 4.3MM

Time: 28 minutes

12 Yoga for Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back | Yoginimelbourne

This video will help you unwind and work out the kinks in your upper body in under 15 minutes.

Rating: 12K likes

Views: 1MM

Time: 14 minutes

13 Bikini Yoga Flow | Tone It Up

Beach yoga, anyone? This 20-minute flow from Tone It Up is great for all levels and easy enough to do anywhere.

Rating: 4.6K likes

Views: 786,789

Time: 20 minutes

14 10 Minute Yoga Workout For Beginners

Here’s a short, introductory workout is designed for newbies looking to start a beginner yoga practice.

Rating: 30K likes

Views: 4.4MM

Time: 10 minutes

15 Morning Yoga for Flexibility | Tara Stiles

Start your day with YouTube star (and yogi pro) Tara Stiles with this flow you can do in under 10 minutes.

Rating: 14K likes

Views: 2.7MM

Time: 7 minutes

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