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noun (1)

ser·​vice | ˈsər-vəsHow to pronounce service (audio)

1a : the occupation or function of serving in active service

b : employment as a servant entered his service

2a : the work performed by one that serves good service

b : help, use, benefit glad to be of service

c : contribution to the welfare of others

d : disposal for use I'm entirely at your service

3a : a form followed in worship or in a religious ceremony the burial service

b : a meeting for worship —often used in pluralheld evening services

4 : the act of serving: such as

a : a helpful act did him a service

b : useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity —usually used in pluralcharge for professional services

c : serve

5 : a set of articles for a particular use a silver tea service

6a : an administrative division (as of a government or business) the consular service

b : one of a nation's military forces (such as the army or navy)

7a : a facility supplying some public demand telephone service bus service

b : a facility providing maintenance and repair television service

8 : the materials (such as spun yarn, small lines, or canvas) used for serving a rope

9 : the act of bringing a legal writ, process, or summons to notice as prescribed by law

10 : the act of a male animal copulating with a female animal

11 : a branch of a hospital medical staff devoted to a particular specialty obstetrical service



serviced; servicing

transitive verb

: to perform services for: such as

a : to repair or provide maintenance for serviced the furnace

b : to meet interest and sinking fund payments on service government debt

c : to perform any of the business functions auxiliary to production or distribution of

d of a male animal : serve sense 10



1 : of or relating to the armed services

2 : used in serving or supplying delivery men use the service entrance

3 : intended for hard or everyday use

4a : providing services the service trades—from filling stations to universities— John Fischer

b : offering repair, maintenance, or incidental services


noun (2)ser·​vice | ˈsər-vəsHow to pronounce service (audio)

: an Old World tree (Sorbus domestica) resembling the related mountain ashes but having larger flowers and larger edible fruit also : a related Old World tree (S. torminalis) with bitter fruits


biographical nameSer·​vice | ˈsər-vəsHow to pronounce Service (audio)

Robert William 1874–1958 Canadian writer

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