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Posted on March 24, 2010 by Alex101

Do sex and yoga really go hand-in-hand? I know a lot of couple meet at yoga classes, and there’s no doubt that being limber and in touch with your body can be a plus in the bedroom. On the other hand, ogling a hot yoga instructor is probably not what the original yogis had in mind when the discipline was invented. That said, hot and sexy yoga is here to stay and as long as it makes someone feel good, why not? That in mind, I searched YouTube for the sexiest Yoga videos and here’s what I came up with:

5. Steamy Hot Yoga. These two 1 minute clips have been viewed over 4 million times on youtube. It’s doubtful many of them were serious yoga practicioners, as you can’t learn much from the poses. It’s steamy, and hot, but the yoga definitely takes a back seat. The music is cheesy and annoying, but you can’t argue with 4 million views and some very sexy, in-shape bodies.

4. Jo Garcia Wii Fit Yoga. This 2:40 clip literally comes from Playboy, so you know the focus is not so much on the yoga is it is on the girl. The twist in this one is that the girl in the video is doing Wii Fit yoga, so I suppose if you were interested in getting that game, this is a good preview? The music is also horrible as in clip #5, but the model is in excellent shape.

3. Pantanjali Yoga. This one is for the ladies, as it features a mystical, long-haired Indian yoga master practicing advanced poses clad only in a loincloth. A bonus is the hypnotic music and exotic location. Some may find the total combination more creepy than sexy, but I’ll leave it to you to decide.

2. Partner Yoga with Rebecca and Jamison. This one could probably be filed under "sweet" rather than sexy, but it’s a good intro to couple’s yoga and frankly most of the overtly sexy couples yoga videos are pretty horrible. This one combines real yoga techniques with a good-looking couple.

1. Shilpa Shetta Sexy Yoga. Featuring one of India’s best-known actresses, this is actually a legitimate yoga instruction video that features traditional yoga poses and advice. This is one you can actually watch and learn something from, setting it apart from a few of the others on this list. Plus, Shilpa Shetta has often been called one of India’s sexiest women. There are dozens of other Shilpa Shetta Sexy Yoga videos on youtube and they’ve had millions of views. 


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