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It’s nice that I can customize the fit to help my posture as much as possible—without breaking the bank.

The best things I bought in September to make working and living at home easierRachel SchallomSeptember 27, 2020Fortune

She argued that it was most valuable instead to approach art by imagining a zone “staked out for a variety of ideas and postures to flex and interact.”

Why art matters at the end of the worldConstance GradySeptember 25, 2020Vox

MTS is also pursuing an outside, third-party review of the agency’s policies and practices that could reshape its enforcement posture.

MTS Police Chief Departs as Agency Pulls Back Enforcement PushLisa HalverstadtJuly 27, 2020Voice of San Diego

“We want to give away everything we’ve learned, just give it away so other universities can improve their posture with respect to leader development,” he says.

At this university, any student can sign up to get professional leadership coaching—for freeGeoffrey ColvinJuly 8, 2020Fortune

So they were in this posture, which we’ve come to call hide-and-bide.

Will Covid-19 Spark a Cold War (or Worse) With China? (Ep. 414)Stephen J. DubnerApril 23, 2020Freakonomics

The wether was lying sprawled on the ground, in a posture that nature neither intends nor permits.

Buff: A Collie and other dog-storiesAlbert Payson Terhune

This, of course, explains why posture is less fatiguing than other forms of activity.

PhysiologyErnest G. Martin

To a less degree visual signs also are involved: posture and facial expression of the subject, and movements of eyes and lips.

Clever HansOskar Pfungst

He lay there, quietly, on his side, in a posture of utter resignation to anguish.

A Journal of Impressions in BelgiumMay Sinclair

I hope we shall soon be in such a posture of defense as to bid them defiance.

Familiar Letters of John Adams and His Wife Abigail Adams During the RevolutionJohn Adams


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