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Ruach 2020

Created in a beautifully twisted braid pattern. A beautiful combination of 2 shades of Blue cords are created in 100% cotton cords. Gold cord has a sheen like all the others and accents the tassel beautifully.

The pattern consists of one section of braid entertwining and twisting the 4colors with cascading tassels at the end

Each tassel consists of 8 cords-2 of each color and twisted into a beautiful round braided style tassel. Once tied the ending tassles have 8 cords hanging down off of each tzitzit – the number 8 is significate in the Set Apart Scriptures. On the eighth day it is commanded to perform circumcision on new born males(Genesis 17:12). On the eight day of Sukkote we are to hold a sacred assembly and have a day of Rest(Lev 23:36,39). So we could say that the number eight signifies new beginnings (new birth ), deliverance and unity.

The number 4 is also significant in scripture. 4 corners of the Set Apart City, 4 corners of our garments, 4 winds, and 4 corners of the earth.The New jerusalem is 4 square. The creator created the sun and the moon on the 4th day. In the fourth year the fruit of the trees are set apart to YHWH. Lev 19:24 ?And in the fourth year all its fruit is set-apart ? praises to YHWH.

Each set of Tzitzit comes with 4 tassels each tassel has a top loop for easy attachment to any garment with 4 corners. Select your loop size below.

How to measue what size loop you need: measure from the tzitzit hole to the bottom hem of garment multiply times 2 (ie: hole is 1 inch from hem x 2= 2 inch loop)

Get yours today and tell your friends and family about the new RuachTzitzit set.
Only availbale in Cotton at this time.

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