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At times you may need to open and manage your Windows Services. You may want to stop some service, start it, disable the service, delay its start-up or resume or pause the Windows Service. At such time, the Services Manager, which is a built-in tool in the Windows operating system, will help you. This post will show you how to open your Windows Services, using Services Manager as well as the Command Prompt.

Windows Services are applications that typically start when the computer is booted and run quietly in the background until it is shut down. Strictly speaking, a service is any Windows application that is implemented with the services API and handles low-level tasks that require little or no user interaction.

To open the Windows Services Manager on your Windows 10 computer, do the following:

  1. Right-click on the Start button to open the WinX Menu
  2. Select Run
  3. Type services.msc in the Run box which opens
  4. Windows Services Manager will open.

Here you will be able to start, stop, disable, delay Windows Services.

Let us see how to do this in a bit more detail.

Right-click on your Start button to open the WinX Menu. Select Run. This opens the Run box. Now type services.msc in it and hit Enter to open the Services Manager.

How to open Windows Services

How to open Windows Services

Here, under the Name column, you will see the list of Services running on your system, along with their description. You will also be able to see their Status -whether they are running or stopped, along with the Startup types.

Types of Windows Services startup

Windows 10 offers four start-ups types:

  1. Automatic
  2. Automatic (Delayed Start)
  3. Manual
  4. Disabled.

Start, stop, disable Windows Services

To start, stop, pause, resume or restart any Windows Service, select the Service and right-click on it. You will be offered these options.

If you wish to manage more options, double-click on the Service to open its Properties box.

Start, stop, disable Windows Services

Start, stop, disable Windows Services

Here, under the Startup type drop-down menu, you will be able to select the startup type for the Service.

Under Service status, you will see buttons to Start, Stop, Pause, Resume the Service.

In the Properties box, you will also see other tabs like Log On, Recovery & Dependencies, which offer additional options and information.

Once you have made your changes, you will have to click on Apply and restart your computer, for the changes to take effect.

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Manage Services using Command Line

You can also use the Command Prompt to start, stop, pause, resume service. To use it, from the WinX Menu, open Command Prompt (Admin) and execute one of the following commands:

To start a service:

net startservice

To stop a service:

net stopservice

To pause a service:

net pauseservice

To resume a service:

net continueservice

To disable a service:

sc config "Name Of Service" start= disabled

It is recommended that you not change the default settings unless you know what you are doing, as this can cause some parts of your operating system to stop working. When you stop, start, or restart a service, any dependent services are also affected, so you want to be careful here.

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See this post if your Windows Services do not start.

How to open Windows Services

How to open Windows Services


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