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Bold Naked Yoga - Private Sessions

A unique opportunity for you to explore your interests and enhance your practice with the intimacy of personal attention. We are a dedicated team and have a wealth of experience with yoga, fitness & lifestyle services. Let us get to know you so we can deliver an unimaginable experience with support, encouragement, guidance and personalized flair. Schedule today and enjoy your Bold Naked Yoga Private Session!


Bold Naked Yoga - Tantric Yogassage

Experience the art of touch and energy in motion. Tantric Yogassage is the most liberating synthesis of assisted tantric yoga poses and innovative bodywork to turn up the volume of sensations in body & mind. It is about letting go, deepening your experiences and allowing the flow of energy. Your life is a series of memorable experiences.
Let’s start building your dream experience with Joschi’s Tantric Yogassage.


Bold Naked Yoga is a complete workout for strength and flexibility. It will help you to get in shape, get empowered and get a fresh outlook on LIFE!

We use NAKED YOGA as a tool for transformation and OUR MOTIVATION is the body and the endless ways it can move to expand the energy within.

OUR INSPIRATION is our community and the strong belief that joy does not come from comparison but rather from our joint advancement.

OUR COMMITMENT is to bring you the very best of our own experience, passion and incredible expert knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

So, whether you are looking for an athletic workout to shape up your body, want to connect deeper with yourself or crave to make a positive change in your life… WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

When walking into a naked yoga practice, you leave your ego at the door. You have to, because as soon as the sexy yoga pants, jewelry, and makeup that we use to cover and express ourselves are gone, you are left only with your natural, unembellished human form. As the powerful Vinyasa flow began, I became increasingly aware of the connection to the others in the room. Nothing about the feeling was sexual – instead, I had an overwhelming sense of everyone in the room being “the same.” Suddenly, the bodies around me, though beautiful, didn’t seem as important as the feeling of freedom created by the whole group through our focus, vulnerability, and acceptance.

You live in New York because you love a challenge. Well, here you go. I arrived at the Chelsea studio and checked in with owners/teachers Monika and Joschi, who are masters at making you feel instantly at ease. Werner is German and has, at times, the commanding lilt of a dominatrix—although one who understands selective Sanskrit. Her auburn hair is cropped; her asanas, sublime. Along with her business partner, Joschi Schwarz, Werner believes she’s promoting openness and honesty. Her teaching style slides along a continuum from challenging to empathetic, calls for downward dog, not naked downward dog. Naked yoga is just the human body, but it’s actually kind of empowering.

I was free, free from any and all restrictions. Free from any and all reservations. It was liberating and challenging and exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I’ve never felt more confident about the body I have than in those moments. As I lied in corpse pose, with every inhale, I felt more tranquil; with every exhale, I felt more hypnotized. My calm was a kind of calm more visceral than any calm I’d ever experienced in any yoga class before. Doing yoga naked forced me to look at the things I despise most about myself and find ways to embrace them. And for that reason, I’ve not only come to love naked yoga, I’ve come to love the parts of me I loathed.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5,000 years, you’ve heard about yoga and you probably have your own opinion about it. In this video, we give you a few pointers on what you can get out of a strong athletic yoga practice. The truth is, you can transform your body and absolutely develop muscle tone []

Research shows that most people set out to achieve their ambitious, life-changing goals only to realize that they give up before ever reaching them. That doesn’t have to be you! Our strategies to achieving every single one of your goals are simple, smart and easy to implement. Even more importantly, they keep you motivated and focused for the long haul []

Have you ever started a new habit only to quit it a few days later? I guess we’ve all been there and if you’re anything like me, the answer is probably ‘YEP, quite a few times actually. Creating a new habit can be tough. I don’t have to remind you of that. We all know how challenging it can be to live a healthy, fulfilling and prosperous life. If it were easy, everybody would do it. []


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