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Here is what our customers had to say about yoga on Groupon:


"I went to a slow flow yoga class last night, and absolutely loved it! I believe the instructor's name is Stephanie (?), and she was great! It been really cold in Seattle lately, so going to a warm yoga class was a relaxing treat! Love Love Love the cool lavender towels they use right at the end of class. So refreshing! This place fills up, so remember to get here early and secure a spot. I went to the 6:45-7:45pm class. Other class times might be less crowded.."-Laura W.


"Hot yoga is exactly what everyone says it is. HOT YOGA! Instructor was nice, wasn't over the top or push you. The locker rooms are accommodating. They do say if you are new sit in the back by the fans but honestly it made no difference. You are hot the entire time and make sure you bring a nice thermal water bottle because your water will get as hot as it gets on the beach! Try to keep it as cool as possible to sip on and help your body temp.."-Cassandra C.


"Instructor was awesome but class times aren’t very convenient. I like the small studio feel and was able to interact easily with the instructor and other individuals taking the class.."-Annette


"First time at yoga. Easy buying. Called to register for a class since online wouldn't let me cuz I had never been there. I was told by the owner to show up 10 min prior to fill out the form. Simply and easy to understand registration/medical history/waiver form. Vanessa was the instructor for the Wednesday 7:45pm Beginner Basic Class, I highly recommend her along with this class!."-Mary H.


"The staff was very welcoming and took time to teach the newbies like me some stuff we needed to know before class. They also had us watch two positions during class before joining in. Sometimes trying something so intense can make me nervous but I didn’t feel like a spotlight was on me when they corrected me. Being new was very welcome and everyone in class was simply doing their best. Great atmosphere. Tough workout but I will go back!."-Gabriella C.


"This place is great. A more intimate sized studio gives it an accessible personable feel, & enough personalized attention. The instructor is great~ she has a sweet fun vibe & is also very committed to the work (plus she even brought some fruit to share after. 🙂 The location is great. The temperature is warm enough to feel my stiff muscles loosened & a good cleanse happening. One of my favorite Bikram experiences.."-Margaret E.


"Had my first yoga class at Rising Lotus Yoga. Wonderful from start to finish. I was greeted warmly by the receptionist who got everything set up for me. The instructor was very thorough and offered modifications to make movements both easier and more challenging to meet the different needs of the participants. Bonus points to the owner who agreed to honor the full value of my groupon that expired 2 years ago! Can't wait to come back again!."-Meghan R.

Yoga Classes Near Me

When practicing yoga regularly, you will reap obvious benefits like flexibility and strength, but it also improves posture, lowers stress, helps you sleep, and so much more. Find a place to practice yoga nearby and score discounted class packages or affordable monthly memberships.

Now you can choose from an assortment of top-rated studios and gyms nearby that offer varying amenities and class types ranging from beginners yoga to hot yoga.


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