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AoPS Curriculum

The Art of Problem Solving mathematics curriculum is designed for outstanding math students in grades 5-12. Our texts offer broader, deeper, and more challenging instruction than other curricula. Our Beast Academy elementary school curriculum covers grades 2 through 5.


  • Prealgebra
  • Prealgebra

The Art of Problem Solving texts have been used by tens of thousands of outstanding students, including many winners of major national contests such as MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competitions.

Beast Academy

Our Beast Academy curriculum offers math beasts in grades 2-5 engaging comic books, practice books, and an online learning system.



Not sure which books are right for you? Read through our recommendations page, or use that page to request a personalized suggestion.


"Every time one of your books arrives on my doorstep I couldn't be more impressed with what you're doing... For the right kind of student — and I was one myself, I just wish these books had been around when I was a kid — your books must be like a prayer answered. And as I've always said to every math teacher I meet, this is the way to teach mathematics to everyone."

Steve Olson, author of "Count Down"

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