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Affiliate Mortgage Services, a non profit organization, was the first mortgage lender in the nation created by a Habitat for Humanity State Support Organization (SSO) to originate and service mortgage loans for Habitat for Humanity Affiliates. Established in 2008 as Habitat for Humanity Michigan Fund, Inc., its original mission was to help HFH Affiliates in the state of Michigan comply with new mortgage lending licensing laws, saving them the time and expense of becoming licensed lenders themselves.


Affiliate Mortgage Services continues to expand throughout the country and is currently operating in the highlighted states.

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“Switching our mortgage servicing to Affiliate Mortgage Services (Habitat for Humanity Michigan Fund) was a smart move for us. With the AMS handling the servicing of the mortgages, it frees staff up to focus on programs and building more houses. AMS is there to answer any questions we have and they are an absolute delight to work with.” – Jennifer Chappel, CEO at Midland County Habitat for Humanity

“Michigan Fund keeps our affiliate up to date on all our mortgages. Their method of working with our families is a firm, but kind approach. Payment plans and/or resolutions are discussed allowing our Partner Families to remain successful homeowners.” – Beverly Kelley, Executive Director Battle Creek Habitat for Humanity

“I can confidently say our Board and myself feel working with Affiliate Mortgage Services, formerly HFH Michigan Fund, was a logical and valuable decision. The AMS staff understands and embraces the Habitat Mission which comes through in their service delivery with our partner families. It is remarkable that our mortgage delinquencies have gone from 39.8% to 7.2%. Our Board of Directors is ecstatic with the numbers.” – Charlie Robertson, Executive Director, Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity

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