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What are the best ways to save money at TurboTax?

When you’re looking for great deals and discounts, you can find a large assortment of ways to save with TurboTax promo codes. Here are some other options to consider when shopping at TurboTax:

  • TurboTax coupons offered throughout the year
  • TurboTax sales throughout the year
  • TurboTax military discount
  • TurboTax referral program

When are the best TurboTax sales throughout the year?

The TurboTax Black Friday sale

Get ready for tax season early with great deals on downloads and CD products for next year’s taxes during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Save even more during this time with a TurboTax promo code.

TurboTax public holiday sales

Black Friday isn’t the only time to get come great TurboTax deals. The 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are some great times to get deals.

TurboTax’s seasonal sales

Be on the look out for some of the TurboTax sales around and after Christmas as people start to prepare their taxes. There usually isn’t a summer sale on TurboTax programs.

TurboTax promo codes and online deals: FAQs

Does TurboTax offer a sale?

You can find current discounts on TurboTax downloads and CDs right on the company’s home page. Some of the TurboTax sales include preorders. In the past, you could save up to $10 off the retail price when preordering the next year’s tax software. Due to the nature of the software, there isn’t a TurboTax clearance section.

Can I get a military discount at TurboTax?

You can get a TurboTax military discount if you’re an active-duty military or reserve personal. It qualifies you to use the Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed software for free. There aren’t any discounts for the CD or download products. The military discount just applies to the online versions.

Does TurboTax offer cashback?

There currently isn’t any TurboTax cashback programs available. You can sometimes get your tax return early on a prepaid debit card to make use of your return before the return is processed. This lets you use the funds in advance.

Can I get a TurboTax student discount?

There aren’t any TurboTax student discounts available. There may occasionally be a sale during back to school or other student-related celebrations and sales throughout the year. Check out the frequent TurboTax discounts and deals that are offered throughout the year, however.

Is there a TurboTax newsletter coupon I can use?

Currently there isn’t a TurboTax sign-up offer where you can get a TurboTax newsletter coupon. This can change in the future, but you can check out the website’s homepage for current offers. There are discounts offered throughout the years that you can take advantage of.

What do I get for joining the TurboTax rewards program?

Currently there isn’t a TurboTax rewards program. With your existing TurboTax membership, you can sometimes get discounts on purchasing the next year’s software if you’re an existing user. You can also find TurboTax codes or discounts near tax time to save on your taxes.

How do I use my TurboTax coupon code?

Here are the steps you can take when using your coupon code.

  1. Find the TurboTax coupon that will save you the most money.
  2. Find the TurboTax product that you want from the website.
  3. Go to the checkout section, and enter the code into the promo code box.

What can I do if my TurboTax coupon code isn’t working?

  • Was the code entered correctly in the checkout section?
  • Does the TurboTax coupon apply to a specific product or have any limitations?
  • Does the coupon code have a minimum purchase amount?
  • Has the coupon expired, or is it still valid?

Are there other ways to save with TurboTax discounts?

TurboTax refer a friend program

When you use the TurboTax refer a friend program with your personalized email or code, your friends can get up to 20% off of an online federal tax product. In return, you get a $25 gift card for one of 30 different retailers up to $250 dollars.

TurboTax senior discount

Often you can get a TurboTax senior discount through your bank, insurance company, credit union, or other affiliate of TurboTax. You simply just need to go to the affiliate’s website to be taken to the discounted section.