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Looking for an Alamo car rental coupon or Alamo discount? On this page we’ve compiled Alamo rental car discounts, codes and coupons that can potentially save you a hundred dollars or more on a one-week Alamo car rental!

Read our general advice about renting a car, and find codes and coupons for other rental car companies.

Alamo is the “official” rental car company for Disney. If you buy a vacation package from Disney that includes a rental car, it will be an Alamo car.

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Locations for Disney World, Disneyland and Aulani

Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida)

Alamo is located on property at the Orlando airport (MCO). You can just walk right out to the garage to pick up your car.

Alamo also has locations on the Walt Disney World property at the Car Care Center, Dolphin Hotel near Disney’s BoardWalk, Shades of Green (military only) and Buena Vista Palace near Disney Springs.

Disneyland (Anaheim, California)

Alamo is located on airport property in Orange County, CA (SNA).

Alamo has a regular shuttle at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Alamo also has a location at Disneyland (California), in Downtown Disney near the AMC movie theater.

Disney’s Aulani Resort (Oahu, Hawaii)

Alamo is located off property at the Honolulu airport (HNL). You’ll take a shuttle ride to the rental car lot.

Alamo has a location at Aulani (location code is HNLR72).

Avoiding the Counter

Many readers have reported extremely long lines at the Alamo counter, especially in Orlando, because it is the official rental car company for Walt Disney World. Try the strategies below.

Online Check-in and Self-Service Kiosks

Alamo allows you to bypass the rental counter if you check in at the self-service kiosks or online.

  • The check-in kiosks are VERY easy to use and a lot of people ignore them, so there is seldom a wait to use one. You can save a ton of time this way. To check in at the self-service kiosk you need to have a valid driver’s license, a major credit card, and an advance reservation. You show your rental agreement and driver’s license (and any coupon you may be using) at the exit booth in the parking garage. Thanks to Dan M for info.
  • For some locations, you can check in online in advance and print out your paperwork at home. If the location allows this, you’ll go directly to the aisle where your car type is located, and choose your own car. Then you present the paperwork, your credit card and driver’s license at the gate. We’ve had mixed success with this system (one location that was listed as participating really wasn’t), but when it works, it’s a time-saver. No membership is required to check in online, but it saves a little time if you register for a free membership to the Alamo website (when you log in, some parts of the online check-in form will be pre-filled).

Alamo Insiders Program

Save more on car rentals to spend more on fun. Join Alamo Insiders for free and save 5% or more on every car rental.

We recommend joining the FREE Alamo Insiders program before your trip. If you don’t use the kiosks or online check-in for some reason, it may reduce your time in line, and it has other benefits:

  • Alamo Insiders get an everyday 5% discount on rentals (which can’t be combined with other discounts or coupons). This discount comes from the pre-filled Insiders ID#. You can change this to another ID# if that gives you a better discount (see below), but this is a nice benefit if there are no other discounts available when you’re traveling.
  • From time to time, Alamo Insiders members get access to exclusive discount IDs and coupons.

Additional Drivers

With Alamo, all additional drivers will pay a daily fee of approximately $10 per day unless they are traveling with someone who has rented under a Corporate Contract Agreement.

Exception states that allow a spouse to be an “Automatic” Authorized Driver under all circumstances are California, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, and Wisconsin. There is no additional fee for the spouse to drive the vehicle in these states.

All other additional authorized driver situations are subject to a daily charge.

Discounted Rentals from Undercover Tourist

Undercover TouristWe’ve been recommending Undercover Tourist for years as a great source for attraction tickets. They’re an exceptionally reliable company, and have excellent customer service. We can’t say enough good things about them. Read more about why we recommend them.

Undercover Tourist now offers fantastic deals on Alamo car rentals!

Their rates are often the best rates you can find, anywhere. The catch is that you have to buy an attraction ticket in order to get the lowest rates. However, you can buy any ticket they offer, in any state or city, at any price, to qualify for the extra car rental discount. In many cases, the savings are large enough that it’s worth it to buy an inexpensive ticket (some of them are as little as $8) just to get the discounted car rental. The car does not need to be rented in Orlando – they offer rates nationwide!

Alamo Discounts, Codes and Coupons

Alamo is unusual among rental car companies in allowing you to “stack” multiple discounts when you book online. It offers discounts associated with Corporate/Membership IDs and coupons. Learn how to combine Alamo coupons and IDs.

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Prepay and Save

Get an extra 10% off the lowest rates when you book your rental at and prepay in full. A cancellation fee is charged to your credit card if you cancel a prepaid reservation. 24-hour advance reservation required.

Personally we don’t ever use this option, because it locks you into a rate, making it expensive to change if you find a better rate later. And we almost always find a better rate later! Prepay and Save is probably best used for very last-minute reservations.

Additionally, reader Lisa R points out that “if you use the pre-pay option with Alamo, it may negate member benefits (Costco, etc), such as unlimited miles, free additional driver, etc. I used Costco’s corporate ID to get a great base rate with Alamo. When I added the pre-pay code, it lowered the total but the ‘One Free Additional Driver’ benefit disappeared from the confirmation page. I called Alamo and they said that the pre-pay option voided the free driver benefit from Costco. Given that additional drivers costs an average of $10 PER DAY, it may not be worth it to go with the pre-pay option.”

Last Minute Rentals

If you are departing in the next week or so, it’s worthwhile to check Alamo’s Last Minute Specials page to see if your destination is on sale. If you choose this option it will insert the ID# IG, so you won’t be able to use any of the other IDs below. However, you can add a coupon code if you qualify for one.

IDs, Corporate IDs and Membership IDs

Alamo ID numbers are numbers issued to various businesses and organizations that offer a standard discount to their employees/members. Alamo has many Contract IDs out there, some of which will give you a discount of up to 20% (5%-10% is more usual). Some of the Alamo IDs that are worth trying out are listed below.

To use these IDs, first try the provided link, which may fill in the ID code. If not, go to the Alamo website and enter your location, date and time. Select “Add Discount Code” and type an ID into the Contract ID box.

Be sure to try your dates first using no ID so that you know what the base rate would be, and then try any IDs below for which you qualify, to see if that gives you a better discount. Occasionally the best rate is the plain old “web rate” without any codes at all.

Important note: Alamo‘s site displays ID discounts in Step 3 of the reservation, as a line item. Be sure to continue the reservation process to Step 3 for each ID you try, in order to see the discount amount that will be applied, if any.

For even more savings, an ID can sometimes be combined with a coupon. Learn how to combine Alamo coupons and IDs.

IDs Open to Anyone

  • No current offers.

IDs for use by Alamo Insiders only (FREE to join):

  • No current offers.

Other membership-related IDs:

  • Airline frequent flyer programs may have their own corporate ID numbers and special offers. Usually part of the offer is “bonus miles” for that airline program, so take a look at the special offers pages for airline programs you use, but even if you can’t use the miles, sometimes the basic rate associated with their ID is good.
  • Disney World Annual Passholders can get up to 20% off rentals at Alamo. Use ID# provided in your pass sleeve or on the Annual Passholder benefits page of the Walt Disney World website.
  • Warehouse clubs such as Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club may offer discounts on Alamo to their members. If you are a member, see the store for specific ID#s.
  • Military and Federal Government ID# GOVRNR is the Alamo code for active duty and retired military personnel, military family members with dependent ID and Federal government employees, who are traveling for leisure (not official duty). A valid military or government ID card must be presented when you pick up the car. Thanks to Missy, Shelli & Deborah N for this info.

Alamo Coupons

Alamo‘s coupons for “weekly” rentals generally apply only if you stay for at least 5 days, which must include a Saturday night. Alamo’s “weekend” coupons usually apply only if you stay over a Friday and Saturday for less than 3 or 4 days. If your rental is doesn’t fall into those categories and you can’t use a coupon, be sure to try out various IDs in order to get a good base rate.

Most coupons issued by Alamo are electronic and do not require a physical coupon. Some other coupons listed below will require a printout or paper coupon. Be sure to take it with you when renting the car. Most coupons will list a specific ID to be used along with the coupon code, but dozens of readers report using their coupons with IDs other than the ones specified.

To use these coupon codes, first try the provided link, which may fill in the coupon code. If not, go to the Alamo website and enter your location, date and time. Select “Add Discount Code” and type a coupon code into the Coupon Code box.

Important note: Alamo‘s site displays coupon discounts in Step 3 of the reservation, as a line item. Be sure to continue the reservation process to Step 3 for each coupon you try, in order to see the discount amount that will be applied, if any.

For even more savings, a coupon code can sometimes be combined with an ID. Learn how to combine Alamo coupons and IDs.

Alamo Coupons Open to Anyone

  • Get a FREE car class upgrade from Alamo. Valid on compact through mid-sized cars. Blackout dates may apply, 24 hour advanced reservations required. 27 day maximum rental period. Use coupon code AU6235UPG. Valid for travel through 4/30/21.

Alamo Coupons Requiring Membership

Coupons for use by Alamo Insiders only (FREE to join):

  • no current offers

Other membership-related coupons:

  • Warehouse clubs such as Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club may offer Alamo coupons to their members. If you are a member, see their website or stores for specific codes or discount offers.

Here’s how to combine the Alamo discounts:

  1. Go to the Alamo website. In the blue booking window on the left side, type in your pickup location, date and time information.
  2. Select “Add Discount Code” and enter an ID number in the correct space. (An ID# may already be in that space. You may want to try other ID#s because some give better discounts than others.) Type a coupon code (if available) in the Coupon Code space.
  3. If you are a Alamo Insiders member, select “Are you an Alamo Insider?” and enter your username and password in the provided spaces.

You should receive up to two discounts — the ID# and Coupon discounts — plus any benefits that come from the Alamo Insiders membership.

Most coupons will list a specific ID# to be used along with the coupon code, but dozens of readers report using their coupons with ID#s other than the ones specified. We have successfully combined discounts from different sources (such as a coupon code from an airline frequent flyer program and an ID# from AAA) dozens of times without any problems.

Be aware that codes are subject to capacity controls. If too many other people have already reserved cars during the time you’re traveling, you may not be able to use your codes.

UK Discount Sources

  • Alamo’s UK site often offers excellent deals on Florida and California rentals, inclusive of unlimited mileage, CDW (collision damage waiver), state/local taxes, state/local surcharges, airport fees and sometimes even a full tank of petrol!
  • UK residents may want to check Alamo rates at Nova Car, an international rental car booking site. Reader Cleve N reports that he got phenomenal rates at Christmastime through this site. You do have to pay a 15% deposit up front, and a reader reports that you MUST have a UK driving license to pick up the car.


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